Key Ways Video Can Improve Your Business

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Video may not be the newest technology on the market, but there are plenty of new video-centric technologies that are completely changing and revolutionizing the format every day. For the business world, the technological advances of video and it’s importance in communication, marketing, and commerce should not be overlooked. Here are just a few ways that video can make a difference in your business.

Video Monitor

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has been around for sometime now, but until recently, it’s been a poor substitute for face-to-face conferences. As technology continues to improve at an accelerated rate, video conferencing has become a viable and versatile form of business communication. Now that the technology for video conferencing is up to snuff, its advantages are more apparent and enticing. Adequate visual interaction, access to body language, more sales pitch opportunities, and saved travel money are all advantages that can be realized more fully with the advent of today’s video technology.

Video Training

Video training is another element of business that has been around for awhile, yet can be turned into something far more effective when used in according with the latest technology. Now is the perfect time to ditch the old company training videos and implement new, interactive video training software. Use the latest screencasting programs for visual on-site training, or use training apps so new employees can get acquainted with their new jobs at an individual pace. There are a wide variety of free or inexpensive screencasting programs on the market to give your business a helpful, streamlined format for training. Whatever your company’s training style, chances are there’s a form of video training out there to match.

Video Marketing

Video has never been more important for successful marketing. The success of your business, and every other business for that matter, practically depends on how effectively you implement video into your online marketing strategy.

While the value of text-based contact should never be overlooked, image-based content is becoming the true x factor of all websites and online entities. More and more websites are becoming more image-centric—especially as the ways to incorporate video become more diverse. Always be on the lookout for newest video technology and incorporate it into your website in new and novel ways. Tell a story in pictures and your audience will be immediately enthralled.

One of the most effective places to market with video is on social media. It’s crucial to familiarize your business with every social media format and fully use it them your advantage. You may find that not every platform is suited to your marketing needs, but it’s always better to know your options so you’ll be ready to seize the opportunity when the right idea for a new social media platform comes along. It’s also important to stay up to date on changed to platforms that you use regularly. For example, Facebook is shifting focus to their video upload format in a huge way. Up until recently, sharing videos from YouTube and other sites was the most popular way to share video content on Facebook. But as Facebook has revamped their video upload and streaming software, their algorithm highly favors native video content. Uploading videos directly to Facebook will improve your reach and give you a lot of useful analytics options. It will also give you more options for showcasing video content and directing your Facebook traffic. Use the “Watch Video” call-to-action button to draw your audience to a new or introductory video, or create a video playlist to keep your viewer’s attention. Exploring these options and implementing them into your marketing strategy will widen your reach and provide unexpected opportunities to grow your business.

Always remember that video marketing is part of a bigger picture. All social media and search engine platform are heading in a direction that every successful business will need to tap into. As the technology of companies like Google and Facebook catches up to their ideology, you need to make sure that your video and other online marketing content is geared toward being useful and relevant to the end user.

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