Knee Pain: What Options Do You Have?

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If you are experiencing any type of knee pain, it is essential you explore all the treatment options available. While it may be tempting to simply opt for knee replacement, there are a number of other viable and highly successful options out there.

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Exercise and Weight Loss

By losing pounds, you may also lose pain. For every one pound you lose, you will be taking about 4,800 pounds off of your knees for every mile you go. A recent study even found that dropping just 15 pounds would lead to dramatic improvements in regard to your quality of life and your comfort level. Regular exercise will help you achieve the weight loss goals you have and strengthen your muscles, to further reduce your pain.

Seeing a Physical Therapist

When it comes to treatment for knee pain, another great option is seeing physical therapists who can create a regimen that will help you reduce your pain and strengthen the main muscles affecting your knees. They can also ensure you preform the proper exercises the right way. The physical therapist you use may also supplement treatment by applying heat and ice, or ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.


This is a method dating back to the Ancient Chinese, and uses thin, sharp needles for impacting nerves and changing energy flow within your body. This method has gained popularity in the past years as an alternative option for pain. There are a number of studies showing how acupuncture can reduce mild to severe knee pain for certain people.


This method utilizes dextrose injections, which are put directly into the tendon or ligament in order to increase the flow of blood and the nutrient supply. Dextrose is a sugar mixture, and a non-pharmacological treatment, which aims to provide tissue stimulation so that the tissue will repair itself. The therapy typically requires the use of four or six treatments where the pain is located.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Your surgeon may recommend arthroscopic surgery for removing bone fragments or to repair the tendons and the cartilage inside of your knee. The arthroscope is a camera which will allow your surgeon to look at the inside of the joint through a very small incision. Once three or four incisions are made, the surgeon can begin to operate on the inside of the knee. This procedure is much less invasive than traditional knee surgery and many patients can go home the same day.

Stem Cells

While stem cells treatment is still experimental, it is believed that when placed in a damaged knee, the cells will help to regenerate the cartilage tissue. There are more and more doctors turning to this therapy as an alternative to the more invasive knee replacement surgery.

Knee pain can be unbearable. It can reduce your quality of life, making it difficult for you to enjoy each day. With the treatment options listed here, you can finally find relief, and may be able to completely avoid going under the knife. This is extremely appealing for many people.

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