Know How to Choose Creative, Sales Friendly Layouts for Retail Shops

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As soon as a customer enters the retail zone, the first thing that grabs their attention is the overall layout of the store. If you wish to increase sales in your retail shop, it is mandatory that the place is designed in an impressive manner with the products laid out appropriately. While each store can adopt multiple designs and stand apart from the rest, there are some common strategies and layouts that have proven to provide maximum yield for shops. Understanding them will help you lure your customers into purchasing things they most love. Here are some simple but efficient tips for you to display the products in your retail store.

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Handle Decompression Zone with Care

The decompression zone is the place which is also known as the threshold where customers seldom lay their eyes on. The place is the area which is located fifteen feet from the store entrance which could vary based on your store size and it should always be handled with care. This is the spot where customers stand and assess your place including arrangement, products available, lighting, and space, among other factors. While making a positive impression at this point is mandatory, you can provide a small outlook of your priority products at this spot. For example, a book store could use a small rack of new releases that could be placed in the threshold.

Focus On the Right

A survey revealed that as soon as they enter a store, customers tend to automatically look to their right. It is an unconscious and an intuitive act which could be utilized to your advantage. The wall they see in the right is referred to as the power wall which should always have your high-impact items. Give special attention to this spot. Spend time to choose the products that go here and plan their placement. The power wall could have latest items, bestsellers, expensive fancy products or high profile stuff based on your target audience.

Keep Less Counters

Minimizing the number of counters will help the visitor feel at ease as they can enjoy walking through the aisle, browsing through different items without being monitored. A counter, the size of a desk should be only at important points where customers could go to gather information while the floor could be occupied by staff who can attend to their queries on the fly. It gives them a sense of freedom in the shop and helps separate themselves from those who run the store. It is a proven sales strategy.

Personal Space

Providing increased personal space is mandatory because if a customer walks into an aisle only to find another person standing in, they will most probably move out even if their favorite item is in the same aisle. Such hurdles could discourage sales, and will shun your potential customers. Always make sure that there is space for at least two people to cross at the same time between aisles without brushing each other. If your retail is lesser in size, you can always reduce the number of aisles and arrange them in a spacious manner for easy access.

An Entrance that Rocks

A sensational entrance with glowing lights, amazing wood work and attractive products has the power to instantly pull in visitors. AC Fitouts enables you to design the most impressive entrance for your retail by providing you a great choice of layouts to choose from. You can also go for custom designs by picking individual components from the provider. Investing to create an eye-catching entrance will always pay off. Place your sign in a strategic manner and keep items within glass windows so that they are visible when people walk by. It is a kindling aspect that will encourage them to walk in and enquire.

Customize Layout

Grid layout is the most widely used form of layout around the globe. It is predominantly used in supermarkets while retails can also combine multiple layouts into one shop to boost sales. You can opt for the circular or square pathway design which encompasses a grouped inventory of displays in the center. The free-flowing layout is proven to kindle impulse buying and is widely used in gift shops and book stores among other places. It allows shoppers to move freely and explore the products.

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