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English is a very important language. Wherever you go, it could possibly be the only language that you have in common with the native folk. It is also one of the harder ones that you may face yourself trying to master. The English language is full of complexities and requires careful navigating to be understood and utilized completely. There are several courses to teach you this language in the world, but how many can boast of doing so on a yacht? Yes, you read it right.

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An apt use for your summer

The newest claim to fame for the Dubrovnik Language School, allows you to learn English whilst cruising through the Adriatic Sea, amongst the many islands that dot the Croatian coast. Croatia is a beautiful country, and being able to not just vacation there, but also improve your own skill set at the same time is a deal like no other. No matter what your skill set, be it a complete novice to the subject or even someone with rudimentary skills, this course has something for all. Avail the use of some of the most highly qualified teachers in the world, all of whom are native English speakers. Their interactive and highly insightful lessons will give you all the tools you need to ply yourself in this language.

Sail the rich and vibrant course of your voyage and enjoy the complete experience of a coastline that boasts of several different tourist destinations. The charted course takes you from the city of Dubrovnik all the way to Split, in between which lie several small islands that serve as tourist attractions for the country of Croatia.

Imagine your schedule now. Wake up and finish off your lessons in the morning, leaving your afternoons and evenings free for your own perusal. Lunch is served on deck, and you can enjoy the fresh Mediterranean breeze and cuisine. Afterwards, sail over to any of the many ports or hidden bays, and simply take in the sunny and beautiful coastline. In the evenings, head on over to any of the buzzing nightlife places, and enjoy a night of parties and fun with friends and acquaintances. Interact with the local people and learn everything there is to know about Southern Croatia. All of this while you learn English! Doesn’t it sound tempting?

What’s it going to cost me?

When you factor in all the amenities that you get, the final amount that you end up paying is quite less. For 2450 Euros, you are provided with 2 weeks of lessons alongside accommodation, meals, and study materials. You spend your entire time on the cruise and can disembark where you want, to discover the hidden secrets of the beauteous land that you are in.

It’s the best way to effectively spend your summer this year. Don’t let this opportunity get by you. Sign up for the Dubrovnik Language School, board the ship and set sail to make some beautiful memories to cherish and increase your own skill sets at the same time as you learn English. It’s a no-brainer and can be a richly rewarding experience.

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