Life In A Capsule: Trying Out Portable Offices

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The world today seems to be getting more convenient than ever. Everything is at the very tips of our fingers. We can eat, drink, and basically live conveniently. Everything can be found anytime, anywhere. True enough, no boundaries can stop up from always wanting to make life easier. And why not? The world has already enough stress on it, so why put the weight on us?

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Before, when a person mentions “office” it is almost as equivalent to that high-rise buildings with killer elevators, revolving doors and high-end security. Nowadays, because the people of the world has gone insanely active about making everything convenient, they have invented the so-called portable offices.

Portable, at a glance is a word used to describe something that might be temporary, as it can be easily removed from where it stands. For employees, working at a portable office might be a little scary, because of financial security, but portable offices do not always imply that the company is not going to stay for long.

Reasons why some companies prefer portable offices:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Lesser need for maintenance
  • Temporary Project
  • Lower Cost

Environment Friendly

In this eco-friendly world, more and more people are inclined to do something for the environment. Some companies whose vision/mission are rooted on the environment often choose these types of offices as their headwaters.

Lesser Need For Maintenance

The maintenance people are the best for keeping the office space clean. But because there are many things that a starting company should think about first, maintenance of the  office spce can be put on the line. With the portable office, however, it is not hard to sweep and do the mapping. It is perfect for small companies with a few employees.

Temporary Project

This is applicable mostly to construction companies whose projects are not for the long time. They can make use of portable offices by having their office staff in there, right in the center of the construction site so that all the necessary paper and/or checks to be released will be available at hand.

Lower Cost

A portable office space can be equipped with all of the furniture and technology that might be required, meaning, there is little difference between a temporary of traditional building, but for the difference in cost and efficiency. It is cheaper to have a portable office than to rent in a high-rise building. Some office rentals require a minimum number of square foot to rent, while others require many papers to be submitted such as letter of intent, company profile, among others. A portable office is as easy to have with the right partner.

No matter what type of office space it is, a high quality working environment should be warm, comfortable and should be designed to achieve the maximum productivity of its employees. The company’s goal should be achieved, its employees should be well treated and its clients should be satisfied. These are all what makes a good office, notwithstanding how it is built.

Author Bio

James Pallot is a buyer for a family owned food importing business in Sydney. He rents a container building to use as storage all year round.

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