Marking Your Property Line Attractively

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Your property line is the legal perimeter around your home that belongs to you, and separates your property from that of your neighbors. Hopefully, you and your neighbor get along well enough that the exact details of your property line don’t have to be disputer. However, it can still be a very good idea to clearly mark your your property ends and their property begins. To figure this out, you’ll want to talk with your local municipality to get the exact details of where your property line is. If you can, try to get an exact boundary survey or a copy of the record plat, which can usually be found online. When it comes to marking your boundary, though, most common options aren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ideas about how you can mark this property line, attractively!

Wooden Fence


Planting trees at the corners of your property, and then proceeding to plant several down the line of your property has several advantages when you have it serve as a boundary. First of all, trees have the practical benefit of providing shade in both yours and your neighbors yard (check with them, first, to see how they feel about this). It also has a great financial benefit, as the more trees there are in a neighborhood, the higher the collective property value of each home will grow. This means that all of your neighbors will also benefit from the added trees. The one con that can come with using trees as a property marker is that, depending on the tree, they may possibly grow into your neighbor’s property. Have a long discussion with them to see if you both can agree on using trees as a good property marker.


Aside from trees, there are plenty of other landscaping strategies that can help you mark your property line. One terrific way to improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, as well as work as a utilitarian way to mark your property line, is to use a flower garden. Tending to a flower garden can be a therapeutic activity that can relieve stress. Being able to take up a hobby, such as that, while also working to increase the property of your home and marking your property line, is the homeowner equivalent of having your cake and eating it too.

Garden Gate

Redo your fence

One property line issue that many people run into is looking at an official record plat and discovering that them and their neighbor have gotten their property line all wrong, and that the boundary needs to be redetermined. In these cases, it often means that fences will need to come down and be redone. However, you don’t just have to settle for any ol’ fence. Try something that you’ve always wanted to try, but have never had the opportunity to. If you were bored with your white, vinyl fence, then try to do something more creative with wood, or even iron. If you are thinking about installing a new fence, take a look at this article about things that you need to consider before doing so.

Rock features

One popular way that many people have started to mark their property line is by using rock features to make their yard seem more dynamic. Rocks features tend to offer similar privacy and benefits as trees and fences, and are durable for quite a long time. They are also fairly unique, which gives your home a special addition that can increase its property value.

Garden Fence

A creek

If you want to get really inventive with marking your property line, one terrific landscaping feature that you can utilize is making a water feature that runs along your property’s boundary. A small, man made creek like this can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and also have the potential to draw neat wildlife to your home. Some homeowners may even be inclined to put either goldfish or Koi into their new addition.

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