Monitored Security Systems are Better than Neighborhood Watch

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Small towns have a different mindset than urban areas. A Wikipedia definition of “small town mentality” includes having a mind that is “closed to new ideas” and living in a closed system that is not cognizant of world happenings. There is, however, another side of that issue expressed in an article in the Ames Tribune.

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“People have learned to get along because we have to live with each other for the rest of our lives. So you sell things at the booster club concession stand on Friday night, you flip chicken at the Rotary barbecue, you teach people’s kids, and you sit next to them at church, and you don’t think about whether they are Democrats or Republicans.”

That quote, from Christie Vilsack in a campaign speech, sums up the reason many people choose to live in small towns. These communities have circles of support and connection that insulate citizens in hard times. People in small towns depend upon one another, and there is a huge element of trust. Small town residents have a hard time with pretense because they know one another so well.

It is no surprise that security systems are less common in small towns. Perhaps that is because of the “we look out for one another” idea, and perhaps many people assume that having one installed is an expensive and showy luxury. The truth is that the system and the fees to install it are reasonable, and may even lower home insurance rates. In addition, you are not required to sign up for monitoring services from the people that provide your system. The companies that sell and install the systems make their money monitoring them. Some companies charge $40 or more a month for the service. There are, however, independent security system monitoring companies that perform the same operations for much less, sometimes less than $10 a month.

That means for a quarter of the cost, you can have the same security of knowing that within minutes of a break-in or fire, responders will be at your door. That is protection the neighborhood watch can’t promise.

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