Naturally Boosting Low Testosterone: Is it Possible?

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Testosterone is the hormone that is often regarded as the epitome of manhood. Playing a significant role in a man’s sexuality and ability to reproduce, the hormone is also responsible for a number of other factors including muscle mass, hair growth, and maintaining bone density. Once a man hits the age of 30, his testosterone levels begin to slowly decline. But there are things that any man can begin doing today to naturally increase his testosterone.

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Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals

A variety of products and pollutants today contain chemicals which have a negative impact on a man’s ability to produce testosterone. Prescribed drugs that contain statins, for example, often have an adverse effect on male testosterone production. There is also an increase in oestrogen-mimicking compounds (such as soy) that are present in our food and water supply.

Though easier said than done, males can begin to reduce their exposure to chemicals through thoughtful consumption of products and foods. Ask your doctor about any medications you’re currently taking and seek alternative medications. Look for items that contain soy and begin to cut back on these food products. Choose quality water filters that are able to filter and cleanse the water so that limited pollutants are in the water.

Reduce Your Weight

Several studies have revealed that men who are obese or overweight have lower testosterone levels. By reducing your weight, you will be able to gradually increase your testosterone levels. Look out for foods such as:

  • Refined carbohydrates (these turn into sugar)
  • Dairy milk (lactose can increase insulin resistance and make losing weight more difficult)
  • Watch your fruit intake

For most, including more fresh vegetables and whole grains into one’s diet helps curb cravings while revving up a man’s metabolism, making them the ideal weight loss foods. Do not opt for “fat-free” products as these are usually laden with chemicals that can negatively affect a man’s ability to produce testosterone.

Two other aspects that are important to reducing your weight: staying active and getting enough sleep. High-intensity exercises are best. Including these into your lifestyle even three times a week and at 30-minutes a time can have a major impact on your weight loss and your ability to produce testosterone. Sleep is necessary to promote the production of hormones and to allow your body to build metabolism increasing muscle mass.

Alternative Supplements

In combination with the above, natural or alternative testosterone boosters can help men increase their hormone levels more quickly than if they were to not take a supplement. Most supplements will contain DHEA or an alternative form. DHEA will then convert into testosterone. Many of these supplements increase blood flow, which in turn improves a man’s sexual desire and health.

Finding quality products are key if alternative supplements are going to work for you. Research the manufacturer and make sure that their processes ensure the quality of the product. Look at what their extraction methods are, whether they best the product both in raw and final form, and what quality control measures they have in place to guarantee a great product.

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