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With the growing population it can be hard to consider the fact that our trees are slowly but surely being demolished at a much quicker rate. Trees are one of the things that people really need on our planet to help us sustain and grow ourselves, and everyone should be worried about just how fast they are starting to vanish all over the globe. Deforestation is a terrible problem, but fortunately some people out there cared enough to design some strategies and technology to help grow trees even quicker than they used to.

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Drone Seed Planting

The newest and coolest method of planting more trees in a much faster scene has been developed only in recent months, and it is going to be helping people out more than they know. A drone has been invented thanks to the company BioCarbon Engineering and their plan is to attempt to reverse deforestation one year at a time. They are planning to plant tens of thousands per day in an effort to combat the 26 billion that get chopped down each year. This British engineering company has really nailed out how to plant trees faster than anyone, and even though they can only plant about 1 billion per year it is a good start.

In addition to that, this is a much faster process than planting trees by hand, as that tends to take a lot more time and also costs more money due to all the labor that is needed. What’s even more amazing about the BioCarbon Engineering is that they don’t just send planes out to drop seeds all over the place, but they use radar and 3D map technology to strategically plant the seeds in areas that need to be reforested. After the trees are planted, there are drones out there that also monitor all of their progress and check up on them on a regular basis.

Two-Tree Planting

Another new technology out there when it comes to planting trees is planting two trees together. It has been found that doing this allows for more sunlight, a stronger tree (genetically speaking) and allows for a whole bunch of new species of trees to exist. The way it’s done is by taking a box and creating an opening in the middle that is shaped like the figure eight. Then, place the seeds for two different trees on each end and allow the box to be placed somewhere there is a spot that has an east and west direction.

The design of this box for growing two trees together is fantastic because it allows there to be a maximum amount of sunlight applied onto the seedlings and also an appropriate about of shade that helps them stay protected as they grow. To keep things interesting, the trees don’t even have to be the same species. It is entirely possible to grow and possibly even create new kinds of trees by cross-breeding them and giving them the best genetics of both parent trees in order to create one awesome one.

Big Trees

This style of growing trees also initiates what scientists call “positive competition” which means it will encourage the two plants to grow quicker since they are competing for the small space that they are growing in. When this happens it is simply a matter of a “survival of the fittest” event going on, but it does help them speed up the germination and young tree process. At the end of the day, you will always have two healthy trees and they can eventually be transferred to a new area where you can keep them together or separate them if you please.

Stewart Scott is a certified arborist and is the owner of Cevet Tree Care, where he offers the best tree service Columbia MO has to offer. Cevet has provided tree trimming and other tree care services to mid-Missouri for almost 20 years.

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