Office Design Advice for Those with Rental Property

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While branding and the interior design of your workplace is essential for the right corporate image, those with rental properties might be stuck for ideas about what to do. After all, the landlord holds all the cards when it comes to modifying your office! At least, this is how it might seem. Believe it or not though, you have more freedom than you realise when it comes to improving your rental property.

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Negotiate Before Signing the Lease
If you are looking for a new place to run your company from, always keep in mind that the contract supplied is far from fixed. Typically, the landlord will be flexible with their conditions, especially if you promise to give them something in return as well. For instance, you may extend the length of the lease by a full year if they agree to do up the office in a particular manner. In this way, you may be able to match the interiors with your brand without spending anything!

Read the Contract & Learn the Conditions
There will also be times when you can make minor modifications without any hassle. You should always aim to customise your office in accordance with the lease terms. Thus, we recommend that you read carefully over the contract prior to signing. If the conditions are too strict, you may be able to negotiate especially if you have a specific corporate fit-out plan in mind.

Also make sure you completely understand the lease terminology so that you can conduct renovations without fear of legal difficulty. This can be done by:

  • Talking with a property lawyer
  • Asking your landlord to explain
  • Seeking information on the net

Becoming familiar with the contract will give you a far better idea about what you have permission to do once you’ve moved into your new workplace.

Work with Your Landlord
To get a better deal when it comes to the look of your future office, it may help to offer your assistance and support to your landlord. Instead of making them do all the work when it comes to corporate renovations, go and look for a decent deal on your own. Get help with your office fitout in London with an independent advisor. If you can find a decent deal, your landlord might be willing to conduct a complete workplace makeover as long as you commit to a longer time period or a higher rental rate. It also shows you’re eager to move in and are willing to work hard to make it easier for both parties.

Choose Renovations that Add Value
When it comes to picking any interior modification, always ensure it will increase the property value in the future. This is a sure-fire way to convince the property owner to help you. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some commercial renovations almost guaranteed to add value:

  • Exterior makeover for the street-front facade
  • Green options like solar panels, efficient lighting, etc.
  • Security systems like alarms, gates & shutters

You can also get third party advice on the modifications you wish to make. For instance, you can discuss workplace renovations with the chamber of commerce and get their opinion on whether they will be suitable for the look of the neighbourhood. The right feedback may also persuade your landlord to conduct the improvements for you.

Be Inventive with the Decorations
Lastly, there are plenty of ways you can do up your workplace interior even if you aren’t allowed to make major modifications because of the contract. You just need to be inventive in the following ways:

  • Add screens and wall hangings that match your brand
  • Put up posters and signs which boost client confidence
  • Display products on freestanding tables, not shelving
  • Opt for an employee uniform instead of painting the walls

As you can see, there are plenty of non-permanent ways in which you can do up the interior of your office. Even if you’re not allowed to conduct any major renovations, you can still promote your business in the right way.

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