Opening a bottle of wine without the right tools

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We all faced this problem before, a fine evening with amazing people, a bottle of wine, and no way to open it. However, you should not only use a corkscrew to open a wine bottle. There are many ways you can go about opening a bottle, although, some will require a bit of practice, as they might be too much at once. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a corkscrew is not your only friend in pulling the cork out.

Bottle of wine

Get your shoes off

Fortunately, you will not have to look around for shoes, as everyone in your party will have a pair. But, opening a bottle of wine with a shoe will take some time to master. Technically it is a physics at work here, and all you have to do is place your shoe against a wall, the wine bottle in your shoe, and just whack it on the wall. The force of the wine itself should push the cork out, without having to break anything, or spill anything. Though, you might want to practice, so that you do not break the bottle when handling it.

Use your house key

You should always have your keys on you, because you can never know when you will have to open a bottle of wine. Although it is not the best of ways to open a bottle, you might have to use your key to present a makeshift corkscrew. However, keep in mind that it might ruin the cork, which is why you should do it carefully. Make sure though that you try to avoid opening special wines as it might ruin the taste altogether.

Wine bottle opening

Use what you have in the kitchen

Usually if you do not have a bottle opener, the first thing you will reach for is a knife. Even though it seems like it will take a lot skill, and that you will ruin the cork, it is possible to open a bottle using a knife. Make sure that you are very careful, because a knife might be dangerous, and, be sure to use it only as a last resort, as you might hurt yourself. Furthermore, if you feel that it is not going to happen, stop, take a deep breath and try to repeat it. Even so, it might take, you will open the bottle to have a nice glass of wine.

Getting creative when trying to open bottles

If you find yourself without anything useful to open your bottle of wine, try to get creative, but, make sure that you take precautions. Keep in mind that playing around with a bottle might be dangerous not only for you, but for others as well. Always do it in a place where you have plenty of space, and without the dangers of hurting anyone. Never try to use brute force, as it might end up with broken glass everywhere, and in the worst case scenario you might have to get stitches.

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