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Organising an event outdoors is a great way to bring many people together without feeling constricted. Outdoor events can be a great success, even when bad weather strikes. So long as you plan your event and have some good ideas in place, your night will be a huge success. Here are some tips that will help you to come up with some brilliant ideas everyone will love.


Plan Ahead

You will need to plan ahead of the event so give yourself enough time to get everything in place. You’ll be hiring services and products and the last thing you want is time find problems in locating a supplier. Give yourself at least two months to plan, longer if possible. Mark the date on your calendar and start establishing the times and dates you’re available to work on organising the party.

Decide on Your Budget

Work out how much you can spend on the event. Once you have your budget you’ll need to work out items that you need and items that you want. Be prepared to let some of these items on your want list go if your budget will not stretch to them.

Book Your Venue

If you’re not holding the party at your home or workplace you’ll need to look for a venue. Remember that some venues will expect you to hire the marquee too so it’s worth calling around at least five marquee suppliers to find the best deal. If you can’t find a venue, you could contact your council and ask permission to hold the event on a suitable piece of council owned land.

Create Your Guest List

Once you have a date and a venue it’s time to create your guest list. Decide if you want your guests to bring young children or make it an adult only night. Make it clear on the invites who is invited and whether they are allowed to bring a plus one. It’s a good idea to hand out invites early too. Your guests will need to have fair warning so they can organise their time. Remind your guests closer to the date so they don’t forget!

Drinks and Food

If you want a high class affair you will need to pick a caterer and a hosting service. Waiters and waitresses can be on hand to serve the food.  Sit down dinners do tend to lose the party atmosphere so think about the type of atmosphere you want to create. If you’re having a live band, a bar and would like everyone up on their feet, a sit down dinner isn’t the best option.

You could organise a buffet where guests help themselves. Think about the room you have available and the weather. One popular option is organising a Pig Roast. It helps your guests to stay warm, doesn’t take up a lot of room and provides a simple solution. Add a table for salads and vegetarian options and your event will be a major success with all of your guests.

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