Other Types of Injuries

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A personal injury claim can be made if the victim of the accident is not to blame. If the injury has happened in an accident on the road or at the workplace, it is often possible to claim for compensation. However, there are other situations where a claim can be made which are not always obvious at first.

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Boating accidents
Whether it is on a small boat, ferry or a cruise boat, boat owners have a duty to offer safety without risk of injury to their passengers. Seamen, fishermen and ferry workers are also entitled to a safe working environment; however, jobs at sea are still considered the most dangerous in the world still causing more fatalities than in any other job. Wet floors can cause passengers to slip which can lead to sprain or broken bones. Spillages caused by rough seas can be an issue and this can lead to a claim being made against the boat operator.

Sport injuries
Sport injuries are often caused in contact games such as rugby or football. The injury could be caused by the deliberate actions of another player or by using defective sport equipment. In these situations, the supervision levels will need to be assessed. The result of the assessment should determine whether the players were made aware of any potential risks before the sport event took place.

Holiday injuries or illnesses
Unfortunately, holidays are never free from injuries or illnesses and that is often because health and safety standards abroad are not as thorough as they are at home. Accidents can happen anywhere, from swimming pool sides to outdoor activities such as walking. Water sports are particularly hazardous as instructions may have not fully be understood due to a language problem or translation inaccuracy, leading people to misuse the equipment they have hired such jet ski. Food poisoning happens frequently in holiday complexes where hygiene is poor or not to the same standard as back home.

Defective products
Although most products are thoroughly checked before they reach the consumer, there is always one that manages to slip through the net unnoticed, causing injury to the end user. Electrical appliances are the most dangerous types; other items can include health care products such as shampoo, medicines and other items with small removable pieces which can be swallowed.

Claims related to injuries caused by animals
Animals, although loving, can be a little unpredictable at times and can cause injury to members of the public. Animal’s owners must ensure that their pet does not cause harm such as biting or carry diseases. Another type of injury associated with animals which is sometimes forgotten about, is nuisance, when an animal is causing a significant and persistent noise or smell.

If you think that you have been injured and you are not to blame, seek professional legal advice.

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