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Tendon passes under the lateral malleolus, with his catarrh can see K shaped thickening in the course of the tendon sheath with the move patients report pain at this point.


Treatment consists in the introduction into the tendon sheath identity of 30-40 mg of hydrocortisone 10 mg triamcinolone with novocaine (0.3 ml diprospana). The needle is directed through a shake a leg tendon ankle. The introduction should be relatively free, while resisting fluid flow moves the needle in the tissues as long as it does not fail. When injected into the tendon sheath it is uniformly increased in volume.

Achilles tendonitis: a condition common in seronegative spondyloarthritis. Rough collapse Achilles tendon can be seen in patients with joint hypermobility syndrome with severe flat feet, hair in exactly usually over the age of 30 years. If there ahillodenii swelling and pain in the presence of the load area is well known in the tendon or tendon to the heel diarrhea. In the latter case, the pain may be associated with bursitis the bag, which is located WOCE. Pain while wearing a painful character, and the most pronounced in the course and prolonged standing.

Treatment: For better treatment you should go to best doctor. I have seen lots of sufferer get relief from this pain under Dr. Joseph Purita He is an expert in this area and very cooperative also.In the area of the Achilles tendon in any case not to be administered drugs triamcinolone. There are many cases subsequent tendon rupture, which is found locally due to degenerative effects of this drug. Hydrocortisone and betamethasone are the drugs of election in this pathology. A small needle is introduced fractional suspension is a corticosteroid with novocaine in 2-4 highly sensitive points along the tendon. When the drug is administered bursitis naturally to the seminary. In this case, the needle is directed to the lateral side just above the posterior calcaneal pitch and slowly advance towards the bursa to the feeling of “failure”. At this moment it is possible to gain a few drops of liquid. In the absence of fluid in the bursa correct administration rescue the check to add to corticosteroid 0.3-0.5 ml of 2% novocaine. After a successful injection through a few minutes the pain is like.

Periarthritis bursa is located on the bottom surface of the heel to scold the attachment of the plantar fascia. Pain in the heel is called talalgia and able to be degenerative and inflammatory origin.

Inflammatory talalgiya is a common (and sometimes only) manifestation of individual seronegative spondyloarthropathies (urinogenous reactive arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis). Degenerative nature of enthesiopathies with the production of heel spurs (enthesis calcification) is common in older people.

Treatment: Corticosteroid Injection radiotherapy talalgii often more effective than other methods of treatment (physical therapy, therapy). For moderate pain under load the heel matter with a cut corresponding to the point of pain. Often this is enough at the beginning of the dystrophic pain in older people, after a while the pain subsides yourself. Near the lack of effect in inflammatory and painful point in talalgia administered corticosteroid.

Holding infusion in painful heel area, with arching pain associated with fine-meshed structure of cellulose around the fascia and an abundance of pain receptors in this area. Adding anesthetic to unfavorable corticosteroid reduces pain because pain is expressed as the time of administration (and anesthetic book included). After determining the point of greatest pain and careful treatment of the field with iodine and alcohol needle is introduced from the medial or the lower side to the calcaneal tuber all the way to the surface of a bone. The suspension of the drug is administered in a significant resistance to the fabric. It is seldom bound to introduce more than 1 ml. exact hit of the drug – the key to the effect.

Adding to the suspension of the District of anesthetic (2% novocaine, lidocaine) permits in the first minutes after injection discusses about its accuracy – palpation pain should disappear. With little effect or refunds pain injection is repeated after 2-4 weeks. In connection with the painful procedure is better to immediately use long-acting drugs – diprospan..

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