Paintball Tips You’re Better Off Forgetting About

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On this site we’ve given you many tips in the past, with the majority of these tips focusing on ways in which you can improve the way you work in certain areas; such as cycling tips to help you ride better, and so forth.

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What we haven’t focused on as much is tips you should completely avoid, as going down the path of employing these tips would be an entire waste of your time, and most likely damage your ability more than enhance it. In this article we’ll be focusing on paintball tips you’re better off forgetting about; tips you most likely have heard in the past but, honestly, will hurt you more than they’ll ever help you.

There are many tips we could have chosen in this arena, as there is a lot of misinformation floating around with regard to your form and technique when paintballing, but we have managed to break this down into three core areas that we feel are employed (and encouraged) way too often. In no order, these anti-tips are:

Shooting at Everything

It’s often said (normally by newcomers to paintballing) that one of the best ways you can win a game, fast, is to constantly be shooting at everyone and everything as they come towards you or you move towards them. Though this strategy (if you can call it a strategy) certainly can work in some circumstances, this isn’t the core technique you’re going to want to frequently utilise as it comes across as incredibly amateurish.

Normally when you go to a professional paintballing facility you’ll be told a certain set of house rules in advance. Whether you’re paintballing in London or elsewhere, they should suggest you only shoot when necessary, as this helps to preserve your precious paintballs and, in turn, helps to increase the length of your session.

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Frequently Reading About Paintballing

Though reading about anything you’re interested in and would wish to improve in, such as paintballing, is a good thing as it can help expand your mind as to what’s possible in this area, when this is all you’re doing; with you forgoing positive practice (actually getting out there and shooting paintballs) in favour of simply reading about this area, you start to walk a fine, dangerous line.

By all means read up about this areas as much as you can; as it’s through educating ourselves in this manner that we figure out new and exciting ways of doing things; but make sure you’re spending much more of your time physicality doing what’s required of you to improve your ability.

Always Running 

Many have, wrongly, suggested that during a paintballing session one of the best things you can do to avoid being hit is constantly running around the course, as most of your peers won’t be able to keep up with (and ultimately, shoot) you.

Though there’s some truth in this, in reality your peers won’t need a great deal of skill to allow them to shoot ahead of where you’re running, so they know once you get into this space their recently fired paintball will hit you. Sometimes you have to run; just don’t make it your number one strategy.

In conclusion, sometimes there are tips that, though frequently given, simply don’t do much to enhance your ability in a certain area and, more likely, can often harm your ability. This is as true in paintballing as it is anywhere else, with the ideas that you should be shooting at everything, frequently reading about the subject, and always running around the course being terrible advice.

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