Peace Gifts: Five Ways to Mend with your Wife

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After a man gets married, it can be near impossible to go through marriage without arguing at some point. Between saying the wrong thing to forgetting to complete your honey do list, there are a number of reasons you may be at odds with your wife. Fortunately, there are several ways to mend the fences. The most critical part is the effort you give. Here are five peace gifts for you wife.

Peace Gift

1. Buy Jewelry

Just as food is the key to a man’s heart, so is jewelry to a woman’s heart. Jewelry naturally makes a woman feel like a queen, a memorable way to treat her to an incredible gift. Opt for a pair of beautiful earrings, or even a charm bracelet for a gift she can wear on a consistent basis.

2. Cook Dinner

Although women love to cook, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they enjoy meal-planning and grocery shopping on a consistent basis. Surprise her with a homemade meal that you did your best to make to show her that you care and to give her the night off.

3. Plan a Weekend Getaway

Stress and tension in any household can easily land you in the dog house, making it important to provide your wife with a bit of R&R with a luxurious and relaxing weekend getaway. Book a bed and breakfast and get a couples massage for a great way to grow closer in your relationship.

4. Get Groomed

It will be hard for your wife to stay mad at you with proper grooming that you may have neglected. Get your hair trimmed for a polished appearance and have a clean shave with The Art of Shaving unscented pre-shave oil to prevent cuts or nicks.

5. Send Her to the Spa

Let your wife relax with a day at the spa where she can lounge around and feel pampered. Offer to have one of her friends come along where she can feel rejuvenated and forget about the stresses of life or what got you in the dog house in the first place.

By making the effort to treat your wife and allow her to feel loved after you’ve made a mistake, it will make forgiveness that much easier and allow her to feel appreciated for a marriage that can continue to grow. It will ultimately make up for losses until the next time you end up.

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