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One of the most important things for anyone traveling to a foreign country is the type of food you will eat and therefore as the world has become a global village finding almost anything you ever need anywhere has been simplified and made easier. The most cherished and delicious cuisines all over the world can be got from any place you travel. Though the list of the world’s best cuisines may be long but the popularity of the incredible Indian cuisine has been on the rise based on some cultural diversity, religion as well as some traditions. It comes with different flavors meant to capture and raise your appetite for them.

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Historically, the Indian cuisine dates back to five thousand years back integrating various groups and cultural interactions and later borrowed heavily from the Portuguese and British influence. Normally, an early Indian diet comprised of grains, fruits, eggs, honey, vegetables and dairy products and sometime meat. Due to climate changes and Buddhism religion it saw with time embracing of the vegetarianism among the western Indian people. However, due to consideration of eating beef as a taboo in accordance to Hinduism, most cuisines are not made using beef in India and thus it somewhat not part of the ingredient.

In terms of ingredient, western India cuisine is a bit diverse ranging from the fiery hot to the bland. Some examples of maharashtrian cuisine may include the vada and pohay. Some of the ingredients used in making the goan cuisine dominantly include the seafood, rice, cashew-nuts and coconut and uses coconut oil. Other important to note ingredients of western Indian cuisine include the whole wheat flour, lentils and pearl millet. Both peanut and vegetable oil are popularly used in most dishes in India with the most recently used soybean and sunflower oils too gaining popularity across India. Most important spices and flavors used in Indian cuisine ranges from pepper which was introduced in 16th century by the Portuguese to garlic. Depending on the region chefs in different regions may have their own spices and additive flavors to the cuisine. Sometimes vinegar, pork, red chilies and sesame seeds maybe used as some ingredients in these cuisines.

In western India, seasoned consist of seafood, rice and coconut milk are the major ingredients to goan cuisine and heavily borrow from the Portuguese. More so it has gained popularity across the continent and especially in Miami state in US. Though the influence from the climatic patterns largely favors vegetables growth, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cuisines have gained tremendous popularity.

Aspiring to travel to US as a visitor or tourists then you don’t have to worry about getting your favorite Indian cuisine as it is available across different states in US for instance Miami several Indian restaurants which specializes in Indian cuisines have sprung up popularly known. You will however be required to apply for an esta visa three days in advance before your actual travel date. This is a requirement by the US government for verification of your legitimacy to travel to US.

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