Prepare for Your Big Ski Trip This Year With These 6 Tips

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If you are planning a big ski trip for this year, you undoubtedly have a list of planning ideas already prepared. Also take time to get mentally and physically prepared as well, so you can get in that skiing with plenty of ease and enjoyment.

Prepare for a Big Ski Trip

Start a Workout Routine

Skiing is a strenuous sport, so you need to get started working up to the strength you will need to hammer those slopes. Start a routine of cardio and work your way up, so that legs, calves and arm muscles will feel less strained once you begin skiing in earnest.

Pack Care Items

There are inevitably problems that will creep up on any trip, and ski trips have their own hurdles that you can prepare in advance for. Bring lots of bottled water, as you will need to drink this constantly due to the high altitude. Also, face moisturizer and chapstick will help for when your skin and lips get all dried out from the elements.

Stock Up on Warm Clothes

Everyone knows you need to dress warm on a ski outing, but there are some key pieces to pay attention to. Invest in some long thermal underwear to wear under your snow suit. And choose sturdy gloves that won’t rip but still leave you plenty of flexibility. Something to cover your ears is also a good thing to have before you hit those mountains.

Check the Weather

The weather is going to be a huge factor in how good your skiing is, so check those weather reports to make sure you choose the best day and time. You will want soft “powder,” usually coming after a dusting, to get the best slopes.

Get Breathing Endurance Up

Breathing is going to become more difficult once you get to those higher altitude, so prepare early. Practice holding your breath while doing a few jumping jacks to get up endurance. Or consider investing in a small oxygen tank to take along with you.

Check Your Equipment

Finally, it is just plain unsafe to head out for a ski trip without giving all of your equipment a once over. For ski equipment, this means you want all the buckles, snaps and hardware to be in tip top shape, so there are no accidents once on the slopes. And also make sure to check those tires out, as you will be driving over snow. Check to find good deals on new tires and tire replacement installation.

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