Proven, Durable, and Effective: The Crane Mat

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1974 was the year where we first saw the crane mat produced by Quality Mat Company. At the time, these mats we’re being regarded as some of the best if not the only around. Today, these heavy equipment mats are still being designed to provide the best in ground stabilization, and are still the preferred mat by some of today’s biggest companies. Why exactly is the Quality Mat crane mat so highly regarded?

Crane Mat

  • Crane mats are versatile and can be used for a number of different applications.
  • Quality Mat makes sure that their crane mats meet the strictest quality requirements and are durable enough for reuse. They expect each oak timber, and only use the best.
  • The way crane mats are designed make them incredibly durable, which ensures they will withstand any job, and even be able to be used for multiple future jobs.
  • Crane mats come in a variety of sizes, to ensure you have the right size for virtually any job.

There are endless reasons that the Quality Mat company crane mat is the best around, but it’s best to experience it for yourself. Contact Quality Mat Company at to learn more about these highly regarded mats.

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