Pune Needs More Infrastructural Developments: Maharashtra CM

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Recently, Mr. Prithaviraj Chavan, the chief minister of Maharashtra, said that the Maharashtra government is planning to improve the infrastructure in and around the developed industrial areas. The step will be taken with an aim to provide more and more facilities and amenities to the residents and make the city more inhabitable. According to Chavan, the government is also working to reduce the traffic from the roads by constructing the residential complexes closer to the office spaces.  The time taken by the people to commute is at least 2 hours in a day, which involves change in buses and auto rickshaws. The construction of new homes near the work place would significantly save the time of the commuters who spend most of their quality time in commuting, and will enable the residents to spend time with their families.

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The CM also said that the government has plans to launch integrated industrial areas, and the areas surrounding them would be used to construct affordable housing, which would include al the facilities required for a day-to-day life.  He also said that Pune now requires a metro projects similar to Delhi, as this would solve the commuting problems faced by the people living in the distant areas of Pune. He emphasized on the importance of metro on reducing the traffic burden from the Pune roads and also reduce pollution at the same time. The CM said that government is also considering other transit options such as a light rail project so that the commutation can be made easier.

Apart from developing the infrastructure of the city, it is also very important to come up with new and innovative eco-friendly projects like those, which involve saving electricity, water and other valuable natural and artificial resources, he added. Emphasizing on the needs to use eco-friendly products to save environment, CM also stressed that the newly constructed buildings, whether commercial or residential, should incorporate the newly developed eco-friendly features. He added that the government is also planning to introduce a common development control regulations, to be applicable in the municipal council areas all over Pune. He also talked about the changes which will be included in the regulations and that the buildings being constructed have to follow those regulations. Based on the same regulations, the Maharashtra government has also involved in promoting special townships, which would incorporate the eco-friendly features with an aim to save the environment.

The CM reiterated that cities like Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad need to introduce 100% metered water supply so that water conservation can be promoted. Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, spoke about the latest residential projects, which are ongoing in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad, and the issues they are facing. The duo also said that a low-cost housing will be introduced by the government in collaboration with Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA) and Pimpri Chinchwad New Town Development Authority (PCNTDA).

The Deputy CM also discussed the future development plans for Pimpri-Chinchwad. The CM and Deputy CM also expressed their concerns about unauthorized constructions and came up with a government resolution about regularization of those unauthorized constructions. Since the state is fighting with a number of projects who are actively involved in constructions in the areas, which are not approved by the government, and also con the buyers and the investors. This brings a bad name to the state and need to be dealt in the best possible way and in the least time.

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