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There is a skill in making the best use of meat; so much depends on the cut as to what you can use it for and it is worth knowing a little about the alternatives so that you choose what offers the best chance of making your favourite dishes. You must of course buy from a quality source.

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Red Meat

Lamb and beef are the two prime red meats to consider; Pork is strictly taboo in the Muslim religion. Beef is the most popular meat in Europe and North America while lamb is found extensively in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East in addition to being common elsewhere.

Animals are more tender when young but there is nothing to stop the consumption of meats from animals that have passed their useful life for providing milk or breeding though their use is more likely in mince for pies or burgers. The meat you want for those special meals is fresh and young.

Price differential

There is no doubt that for a special occasion you should buy the best meat that you can afford. There is certainly a price differential between the cuts with those that were furthest away from the animal’s legs and neck because these were the parts of the animal that were doing the work. If you buy meat from these areas it should be purely for slow cooking which will still be very appetizing depending on the dish you are cooking. Casseroles are the obvious example of something that can be made with the poorer cuts such as shin. If you want something that you can cook quickly you should look for sirloin and rib eye. Roasts come from the back of the animal, topside and silver side.

There is no doubt that if you find a good regular supplier you will get the guidance you need and the service that you require.


There is increasing public awareness of the meat industry and its treatment of animals. The consumer seems to have realised that the humane treatment of livestock is important and hence the debate has moved away from purely the cost of meat and supermarket special offers to wanting to buy meat from a more animal friendly source than an intensive farming organisation.

The Internet has played a part in the awareness of the industry and the availability of a wider range of meat wherever the demand comes from. Speedy delivery of fresh meat is a relatively new phenomenon and is proving very popular. Vacuum packaging and chilled cartons ensure that something that is ordered one day will arrive the next in prime condition, fresh and ready for your culinary skills. You may not have heard about this service before, but it should get you thinking.

At www.halaltodoor.com you can look at the cuts of meat and order accordingly. You are certainly invited to ask any questions you may have. The success of the business depends upon the solid reputation that has been gained and service and response are two key components.

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