Questions About Adoption: How Your Decision Can Bless a Child

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When you choose to adopt a child, your life changes dramatically. Educating yourself on the adoption process and what to expect is very important. When it comes to adoption education Birmingham has many excellent resources. However, it is also important to note that your life isn’t the only one that changes when you choose to adopt; you also dramatically improve the life of the child. The acronym ADOPT as outlined below describes the five biggest blessings you give a child when you choose to adopt.

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Many children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or abused feel unwanted and unappreciated. By adopting a child, you provide her with love and affection and show her just how loved, wanted, and appreciated she is. This provides her with a sense of self-worth that was likely missing before.


When you adopt a child, you show him that there are things in life and people in life that are dependable. By providing him with a stable home, love and support, and structure, you show him that he can depend on you as his new family to be there, and that is life changing to a child. When it comes to adoption education Birmingham has many excellent resources.


By offering a child a stable home with love and support and the resources to believe in herself and succeed in life, you provide her with opportunity that might not otherwise have existed. In essence, you provide a launching pad for her to achieve her dreams.

Place to Call Home

Perhaps one of the most basic but meaningful things you can bless a child with is a home. Simply put, most children who are up for adoption have not had a stable home to call their own. By offering a child a home and a family to call his own, you transform his life for the better.


Perhaps one of the most amazing things you provide a child when you adopt is the ability to trust you. When you show a child that she can trust again, you set her up for success and a healthy approach to life so she can feel safe, and that is incredibly important.

Adoption changes a child’s life for the better and provides them with security and love they have likely never known. By providing a child with a firm foundation of support and encouragement, you provide them with the basic essentials to become a happy and productive human being. In essence, you give a child a chance at life.

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