Ramp up Your Independence with Accessories for Your Wheelchair

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Now that you are having to rely on a wheelchair to continue your independent lifestyle, you’ll need accessories that make moving an easily accomplished task no matter where you are.  In his recent article for Disabled World: Towards Tomorrow, Adam Hefner wrote, “ramps are available which can be easily installed as a temporary or semi-permanent access to a home or business.”  In essence, Mr. Hefner related that portable ramps and other accessories can provide you with independence that helps you handle personal business and tasks on your own effectively.

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What Ramps Can Do for Your Freedom

When you locate quality ramps for use with your wheelchair, you’ll discover a convenient way to access areas that you thought would be impossible to use.  You’ll be able to go over steps and thresholds as you enter your banking facility, your doctor’s office, or the utility company where you need to pay your bill.  Before you even leave home, portable ramps that come in a variety of models will allow you to enter your van, minivan, or SUV without any modifications being made to the vehicle.  With just the simple use of this accessory in conjunction with your wheelchair, you can maintain the quality of life and independence to which you are accustomed.

Points to Consider Before You Buy Ramps

Before you consider what type of ramp you want to buy to accessorize your wheelchair, you should think about some very important issues that impact your decision.  Think about the type of wheelchair that you are using and the appropriate angle that you will feel comfortable using.  You should also consider the length of ramp that you prefer and how it impacts your confidence in using the ramp.  It’s important to think about where you’re going to be using your ramps, the size and weight that you can comfortably handle, and how much weight you’ll have in the wheelchair at the time of use; add your weight and that of the chair to get the correct load value.

Options That You’ll Have

When you want to add Hjælpemidler handicappede to your wheelchair, you’ll have a plethora of options from which to select.  You can choose rollup ramps that are extremely portable, single fold ramps that provide a sturdy base for movement, or multi-fold ramps that are heavy but allow you to maneuver over steps and into large vehicles.  Temporary ramps are very lightweight and can be moved quickly and easily to accommodate a variety of challenges for you. As you accessorize your wheelchair to meet your individual needs, remember to give careful thought to the products that you buy and how they will coordinate with your own personal wheelchair.  Take into consideration where you’ll use your ramps and other accessories and the level of freedom and independence that you desire.  You want each trip that you take outside your home to be an enjoyable adventure that provides you with a positive experience.

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