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The Affordable Care Act in the United States gives those without health insurance the chance to get coverage. It requires that all residents have health insurance or pay a high fee when they file their taxes the following year. Under this ACA, insurance companies can no longer deny customers for any preexisting conditions they might have and employers with a certain number of employees must offer some form of insurance. The problem is that many people live in areas that lack proper medical care. With mobile units, you have the chance to visit those areas and provide services for needy patients.

Mobile Medical

What are Mobile Units?

Mobile units are essentially mobile health clinics. These units look like large trailers that are connected to a truck. Commercial materials used in the construction helps keep the units looking great even after years of use. Inside the trailer is a small lobby or reception area with comfortable seats for patients, and the back of the unit contains space for your exam rooms and medical equipment. You can meet with patients, diagnosis their medical problems, perform routine tests and exams and even prescribe medications when needed.

Types of Units

Lifeline Mobile is one of several companies that manufacture mobile medical units for doctors and other medical professionals. The top units available today include medical office units, mammography testing units, dental units and laboratory units. You can request a free planning guide, which takes you step by step through the process of designing a unit that will meet the needs of your patients. These guides can help you decide what size unit you need, how to make patients feel more comfortable with a clean and modern reception area and even how to design each area of the unit to maximize the amount of available space.

Join the Ranks of Many

Some of the medical organizations that operate mobile units include Southern Illinois University, the National Institute of Health, University of Kentucky, Nevada Cancer Institute and Valley Care Health System. Running a full office or medical laboratory takes a lot of money, but operating a mobile unit helps you save on overhead costs. These units also let you go directly to your patients and into areas that lack adequate health care. Working with patients in rural and impoverished areas can help you save lives and improve the overall health system in the country one patient at a time.

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