Satellite Internet – Essential troubleshooting strategies

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Satellite Internet technology happens to be such a one that is known to provide Internet services even to the remotest locations of the world. However, there can arise instances when connectivity might fail, and this is when you might be required to try extra hard. You see when there’s a failure in connectivity, then there’s always the requirement for troubleshooting a satellite Internet system and it definitely calls for patience as well as skill. This is obviously because it’s quite possible that technicians mightn’t always be available at hand.

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Strategies to help you troubleshoot satellite Internet

You see if you understand the basic computer networking concepts, then it goes a long way in helping you diagnose connectivity problems. Here are a few strategies you could adopt for the purpose of troubleshooting satellite Internet.

  • Address the local concern first: It’s important that you isolate the connectivity issue and pay attention to areas of local concern before anything else. Make sure that your satellite dish has got a clear line of sight to the satellite that you’re assigned to. Look around and check whether or not any of the branches or obstacles are hindering the receptivity. If you find anything that comes in the way, then you can obviously move the dish or relocate a few feet to take care of the issue.
  • Look for NOC messages: The next thing you ought to do is look for any NOC or Network Operations Center messages in your satellite system’s controller administration interface. This becomes all the more important when experiencing any weather issues. See, you’ve got to realize the fact that even if the weather’s just fine where you’re, in spite of that if there’s ongoing bad weather at the NOC, then there are chances of your signal being temporarily compromised.
  • Do analyze your client computer: It’s also important that you analyze your client computer, for you’ve got to work your way up the network after all. You could start off with basic testing and this can be easily done by powering down every device that’s connected to it and that’d include your computer, router, modem and dish controller for motorized systems. You’ve got to wait for a minute before powering up the modem. Another 5 minutes would be required for the modem to connect.
  • Start off with basic hardware troubleshooting: You’ve got to start off with basic hardware troubleshooting procedures and for that you need to check whether or not the LAN and your computer are connected.
  • Proceed with troubleshooting system software: You can proceed with troubleshooting your system software only if you’ve got the technical aptitude to do so.

Keep in mind the above strategies and use them to troubleshoot satellite Internet. Then you can use them easily.

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