Scholarly Success: Top Five Smartphone Apps to Make You a Better Student

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College life is fast-paced and very demanding. Keeping up with the pack, let alone excelling to the top, is an exercise in discipline and endurance. But with these top five mobile study apps, your biggest challenge will be figuring out how to get more pizza money, not how to keep up with your work.

Smartphone apps to make you a better student


Even the best students fall behind at times, and SparkNotes has been saving the day for years. With concentrated notes on literature, philosophy and other arts, cramming for a test can make the difference between being prepared for a test or caught like a deer in the headlights when time is of the essence.


Internet providers offer a wealth of information at your fingertips, but sifting through it all can be a challenge. Evernote helps to organize all of this research by storing class notes and photos, recorded lectures, group project plans and more–all shared across a seamless platform that can sync with every device you use. The new version has a feature to program reminders for important tasks and events so you will never forget to study for an important test or that term paper that’s approaching its due date. Evernote helps students organize their non-school related lives as well by allowing users to save recipes, photos and recorded or written thoughts on a phone, tablet or PC while going about their daily lives. Whether using the downloaded version or the web version, this app has what any student needs to organize every aspect of their life.

StudyBlue Flashcards

Flashcards are still one of the most trusted ways to prepare for a test, and StudyBlue is revolutionizing their use. Text, pictures and audio all combine to make digital flashcards for any type of test. The audio component is especially helpful for learning foreign languages or difficult-to-pronounce scientific phrases. Throw away the glue stick and note cards and turn your phone, computer or PDA into an efficient brain-building machine! Best of all, StudyBlue lets you search through flashcards made by others as well if you are ever in need of quick inspiration. After memorizing everything you need to know for your test, you’ll be using your home phone to give your parents great news about yet another fantastic grade!


This app is one of the best time-saving programs ever engineered for both college students and professional researchers and writers. With EasyBib, making a bibliography in Chicago, APA or MLA style takes only minutes by scanning the titles of books cited for a report and following a few simple instructions. Best of all, it edits out those little errors that can end up costing a student valuable points on their grade.


Let’s face it, textbooks are expensive and becoming more so every day. What’s worse, students end up forking over an arm and a leg for books that they will most likely never use again, but only get a tenth of their value on resale if they are lucky. Enter Chegg. This app lets students rent access to their books during their semester for a fraction of what it costs to buy them. Furthermore, Chegg ends the agonizing back pain of carrying 50 lbs of dead weight in literature from class to class. This is the future of textbooks: having access to all on one device that every student carries with them anyway. Could it possibly get any more convenient?

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