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There’s a strange phenomenon with insurance – the prices always seem to go up every year. Whatever insurance you’re looking at getting, it’s always worth getting a few different quotes to make sure you are getting the best cover at the most affordable price.

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Thanks to the internet, this kind of research has become a lot simpler than even just a few years ago. You can use price comparison sites where you only need to put in all your information once in order to generate quotes from a number of different insurance companies.

It’s also a good idea to look at those insurance companies that don’t feature on the comparison websites and see what offers you can find by going direct. Bear in mind though, that you need to give the same details and ask for the same level of cover, excess, etc, to make sure you are getting a truly comparative price.

For example with a home contents insurance quote, you’ll often be offered optional extras like home emergency cover and accidental damage protection. These may be included on some quotes and not on others – it’s up to you to check the details.

If you’re looking for the best deal some insurers will offer a discount to those customers who book online rather than on the phone, and others will offer multi-policy holders a better price. So, if you need a home insurance quote, try getting a quote for our motor and pet insurance from the same company and ask if the number of policies you hold makes a difference to the price.

It may be a dull process going through all these details a few times, but the end result of an afternoon’s research may be that you save yourself hundreds in insurance premiums – and that can’t be bad!


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