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Since the evolution of cigarettes in this world, these have been known as a status symbol among people that contributed to the increased popularity of smoking. After a few years of the reign of these tobacco cigarettes, the harmful effects of tobacco and other materials contained in them came to light and an awareness growth provided a start for the research on smoking cessation and alternative devices. In 2004, Chinese physician came up with the idea of disposable e cigs to help smokers quit tobacco smoking and reduce associated health risks.

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What are E-cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic product that runs on a battery power and contains liquid nicotine instead of harmful carcinogens. These are considered as healthy electronic alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes due to the absence of harmful cancer causing agents. These cigarettes provide an option of clean smoking to the smoker due to the absence of ash, tar or butts that are left over after a tobacco smoke. There are different types of e-cigarettes available in the market with different features to provide a variety of devices to different smokers according to their needs.

Types of E-cigarettes

Being electronic devices, the advancement of technology has allowed manufacturers to produce different types of e-cigarettes to suit needs of diverse types of smokers. Different types of these electronic devices providing an alternative to tobacco cigarettes are discussed below.

  1. One-piece E-cigarettes: These electronic products are manufactured as a single piece for smoke and throw purposes. Such e-cigarettes are also known as disposable e cigs. All the different functional part of an e-cigarette including battery, cartridge and an atomizer are all fitted within a single pipe shaped e-cigarette. Due to a single packing, no part can be replaced once consumed.
  2. Two-piece E-cigarettes: A two-piece e-cigarette provides a flexibility of replacement parts to the smoker. It contains two parts, one is the battery and the other part is called as the cartomiser. A cartomiser is a combination of cartridge, containing liquid content and atomiser, containing heating element. Thus, a user has a flexibility of changing the cartomiser or the battery or getting the battery recharged, once it has been consumed.
  3. Three-piece E-cigarettes: These 3-piece e-cigs provide more flexibility to the smoker as compared to the other two types. The parts of this cigarette are atomiser, battery and a cartridge. Thus, while using this type of electronic cigarette, a user has an option to either replace or refill the battery and the cartridge of the e-cigarette after being consumed. And the atomiser, the heating part, can be replaced instead of replacing complete cigarette, if it stops working. Thus, 3-part e-cigarettes are the best option among all the types for a chain smoker to save smoking costs.

Thus, an electronic cigarette is an alternative provided to smokers to help them reduce associated health risks and lead a healthy & a clean lifestyle with these smoke-free and ash-free alternatives. Although, there are a few risks involved with these products, these cigarettes provide a great benefit to the health of a chain smoker along with saving their smoking expenses.

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