Spring Beer Festivals 2015

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When people think about beer festivals it is usually the month of October that comes to mind since that is when the famous “Oktoberfest” season is among us. But with the growing trend of craft beer there has been an increase in festivals going on around the country. In fact, they now occurring just about every month, and they are a great way to get acquainted with what is new and great in the brewing world. About 20 years ago when there were maybe 10 major staple beers no one would have even dreamed of the selection that we have out there today. Here are some of the beer festivals going on around the country during the first half of the year.

Spring Beer Festivals
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12th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest

The Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest will take place on April 4, 2015 in Boulder, CO. and it is hosted by the Avery Brewing Company. Vendors and beer makers from around the country will be showcasing their strong ales at booths, and they will all have an ABV of a minimum of 8%. Tickets cost $50 per person and the event is five hours long starting at noon. This is a great opportunity to get to try several of these strong ales from so many different states, and your entry fee will get you 16 tickets total (1 ticket per beer) and a special glass for the event.

2015 Oakland Bacon and Beer Festival

This festival took place on March 15 in Oakland, California and featured two of America’s favorite things to consume: beer and bacon. This was the second annual event of its kind and it completely sold out last month, which means that they will be back again next year for sure. Several restaurants showed up with their types of bacon and beer, and it was without doubt one of the year’s tastiest events ever. For the beer part, big names showed up such as Anchor Brewing, Alaskan Brewing and New Belgium to wash down the 25+ delicious kinds of bacon.

Breckenridge Spring Beer Festival

The Breckenridge Spring Beer Festival will take place on April 11 in downtown Breckenridge, CO. and will cost $35 for general admission and $85 for the VIP entry. This is also an annual event that happens every April, and it will be featuring over 30 breweries along with live music and many great food and retail vendors. The brewing company in Breckenridge is very well known for many of their beers, and this event will be hosting mostly local state brewers. That shouldn’t be a problem though, as Colorado has an amazing beer culture and will be sure to satisfy anyone who attends and loves the brew.

2015 Harpoon Fest

The Harpoon Fest will be taking place in Boston, Massachusetts from Friday May 15- Saturday May 16 at the Harpoon Brewery. Tickets will cost only $20 and the attendees will get to take a tour of the brewery, eat lots of great food from a variety of vendors and have more than one of the fantastic beers made right inside the brewery. If you are in the area and decide to go on Friday night, your ticket to get in will be half price as long as you have the Friend of Harpoon card. In addition to great beer tasting, ticket purchasers will also be getting a souvenir pint class. This is expected to be a great turn out, and the Harpoon Brewery is excited to open its doors to the fans of the beer and show them around where the magic happens.

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