Supplements: Separating Fact from Fiction

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Every professional athlete will tell you that myths about supplements are stories of the past and that you should talk less, work out more and get with the program. Facts are separated from fiction, and we are well aware of what is what for years now. That being said, of course you shouldn’t force yourself too hard or all the progress you make can be contra effective, especially if you push yourself too hard with no hesitation whatsoever. I will clear out a few myths that I keep hearing anyway for years now. In a few short sentences, not according just by my long experience, but from the mouth of qualified physicians also, I will give you some helpful guidance and information.

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We need to get one thing out of the way first, and get rid of it for good. Do not listen to every advice that comes your way! If you have any doubts about using supplements, ask your trainer about it. If you have any doubt about his/her expertise, which you shouldn’t have because most gym coaches are well informed and trained professionals, still just go ahead and ask your physician. Your physician will explain to you that dietary supplements are not harmful, and as a matter of fact, they are very much recommended if you are on a diet that is not well balanced. For example – if you are trying to lose weight and you are avoiding any intake of fats, that is what is harmful and you should find healthy fats to consume anyway.

Sure, any supplement can be damaging if you are overdoing it, but everything is damaging if you are overdoing it! You can eat oranges for breakfast, lunch and dinner and although oranges are essential when it comes to vitamin C and fibers, and they may be the healthiest food in whole the world, you are going to get a vitamin shock and really hurt yourself. Let’s bust some myths now!

  • Supplements are illegal drugs?!

I understand that most people reading this will have a good laugh, but you would be surprised how many people still believe that the government wouldn’t do anything about distributing harmful medicine to people. In fact, all supplementary products are regulated and safe for use. When people ask something like this they are usually concerned and really new at the gym, and I don’t even need to say that they are mixing apples and oranges. Be patient with them.

  • Supplements are all good then?!

Unfortunately, this is not the case. As much as I would like to say that all products offer what they are in fact advertising, this is not the case. Consult your coach and ask him/her what is good for you.

  • They do all the work?!

No, they do not. Health and sports supplements can only help you to be healthy if you are engaged in any sort of sport. Taking them without workout will show no results, and that could be dangerous as well. The workout is essential, if you are not helping yourself, nothing can help you. Just eating fatburners will not in fact burn the fat from your body. Get up and start stretching!

  • Follow the instructions?!

The recommended dosage that you can read from the package can do the trick, and if you keep yourself guided by these rules, you have nothing to worry about. However, you have to listen to your body needs, and don’t be afraid to ask your coach to give you an advice on intake. There are no two organisms in the world that act in the same way, keep that in mind.

One essential advice I can give to you is to have small and balanced meals on every two hours. Supplements will help your body grow, but you are the one doing all the work, so have your dosage with you and head out to the gym. We are waiting for you.

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