The Best Places In Brisbane With Your Kids

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Brisbane is a city that is found in Australia. It is a fantastic city that is known as the river city. It was named river city because Brisbane River flows and passes through the center of the city. The city has delicious foods, friendly people and the weather of the city is awesome. If you are planning to travel to Brisbane, then don’t miss to visit the following places with your kids;

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The Story Bridge climb
•It is the climb that will give you the most rewarding physical challenge during the visit
•You will be able to see dolphins and bull sharks cruising in the Brisbane River in the morning.
•There are bright lights from the skyline dance of the Brisbane city on the river in the evening hours.
•There is secured safety all the time as you will be guided by the tour guide.
•You will cross the bridge which is the shortest highway in Australia.

Southbank Parklands
•They are located inside the heart of Brisbane city on the river.
•There are public swimming pools in the parkland where you will be able to see boats cruising up and down in the Brisbane River.
•You will see the spectacular fireworks that are called River fire that are burn by F111 fighter jets.
•There are finest restaurants surrounding the parkland where you can go with your kids and enjoy the meal of your own choices.

The Queen Street Mall
•It is known to be the home of serious shoppers because the mall has got everything to offer.
•There are no limits put in place on what you buy or how much you can spend.
•The mall is a shopping institution where you can spend days there with your kids and shop as you will wish.
•There are delicious foods and many of ATM’s to get better cash deals.

Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art
•Inside the Museum, there are Humpback whales that are suspended from the ceiling.
•There are also many flora and fauna to experience and see in the surroundings.
•The galleries exhibit many fantastic collections made from the local and international sculptures and paintings.
•Your family will never be disappointed if they like art because it is available in the Art Gallery.

The Surfers Paradise
•You can board a train with your family from the Brisbane city to the surfers Paradise which is on the Gold city where you will find the tallest building in Australia that stands over 320metres.
•You can take a ride in the elevators of the building to the top and have some photos.
•You can also watch a movie in highest cinema on floor number 80.
•It has unbelievable 360 degree viewing deck.
•There is a world class shopping in the Gold Coast.

There are many places to explore in Brisbane including the Queensland Cultural Precinct in South Bank where visitors can watch plays at boxoffice which Performing Arts Centre, view art displays, Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art.

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