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For a long time BlackBerry users have been bemoaning how out of date their devices were in comparison to other smartphones on the market. The need for a new model had reached its height and just in the nick of time, in steps the Z10.

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As it’s finally here so BlackBerry enthusiasts can now sell BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9900 models and get a phone which will bring them right up to the peak of technology. The new Z10 is impressive, innovative and designed specifically for business use. BlackBerry has gone all out to make their product something special from the development of the new 10 operating system, device encryption, its trademark messaging platform is further enhanced and remote app management.

BlackBerry still doesn’t tick all the boxes, the apps on offer aren’t on the scale of other devices, but it is significantly better than it was and fans of the brand will be keen to buy the latest product and take it for a test drive. It’s finally time to say goodbye to your older model and embrace new technology. Here is a closer look at the Z10.


Sleek and all-black the Z10 has a solid structure and resembles the popular BlackBerry Playbook. Its thin with quality screen resolution and has the standard micro-USB port for charging and connecting the phone to laptop computers and other devices. It weighs less than 5 ounces and has an impressive 2GB of RAM. It features multimedia benefits such as an 8-megapixel rear camera and Bluetooth 4.0.

The big change with the Z10 is that BlackBerry has finally joined the masses and sacrificed its physical keyboard for the now-standard touchscreen alternative. The keys are both responsive and well-spaced and it’s very easy to use once you’re used to it.

Operating System

The new BlackBerry Z10 operating system is fun and intuitive although not easy to grasp if you’re used to Android or Apple phones. It doesn’t have a home button for example and it’s completely centred on swiping to complete the tasks you require.

Business Features

The Z10 has been marketed as a business phone and there are plenty of features to back up this claim. First is the BlackBerry hub which is basically a container that works like a traditional home screen so you can be organised and efficient throughout your working days. The Hub gives you the chance to see both your work and personal emails as well as text messages and social networking posts.

Security is another bonus that comes with the Z10 and is wholly business-centric. The phone will not allow you to copy and paste messages from your work email to your personal email account for example and the BlackBerry Balance feature allows you to keep work and personal apps in separate places. Apps can even be installed and removed remotely by your IT team if necessary.

The BlackBerry Z10 certainly isn’t for everybody but tried and tested fans of brand will be impressed to see the next generation of BlackBerry’s development.

Robin Woods is a BlackBerry enthusiast and technology blogger from Tenby. He has always used BlackBerry devices but chose to sell his Blackberry Bold 9700 in exchange for a newer Z10.

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