The Dangers of Self-Medicating

Apr 21, 2013 by

There is now a significant expansion of nonprescription drug use due to the people’s high value on these kinds of drugs for therapy. However, it also resulted in the growing concerns for self-medicating and the dangers associated with it.

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Some of the known dangers of self-medicating include drug dependence and overdosing. This is especially true for people suffering from depression, where they progresses from mild medications to stronger substances in their efforts to self-medicate. This will eventually lead them to marijuana, alcohol, painkillers, and other narcotics once they feel that the drugs they are using are no longer as effective.

Self-medicating patients can benefit from the assistance provided by learned intermediary to assure their optimal integration into the nonprescription drug therapy. There is a need for pharmacist-assisted self-care as it holds a vast potential to serve the public interest. However, this will require higher levels of professional practice commitment on the side of the pharmacists to curtail the side effects of self-medicating using non prescription drugs, which will surely benefit consumers as well.

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