The Five Steps of Addiction Recovery That Will Change Your Life

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Handling an addiction to alcohol or other substances can be overwhelming not only physically, but also emotionally. Addiction not only affects the individuals who are addicted themselves, but also loved ones who are surrounded by the drugs and the user. Knowing how to properly recover from an addiction will change your life dramatically.

The Five Steps of Addiction Recovery that Will Change Your Life 447x207

Accepting Your Choices

Accepting choices you have made related to substances and drugs can be difficult, especially if it has resulted in the loss of family, friends, a job or even everything you have worked for to achieve. When you refuse to accept that you have a responsibility in your life, it can be extremely challenging to move forward positively.

Build Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Building your confidence and self-esteem is an essential part of the recovery process. Rebuilding your self-work and taking time to reflect on your past and your future outlook or goals can help you to feel strong about who you are as a person, even without using drugs or alcohol.

Seek Refuge and Support

Seek refuge and support with family and friends. Loved ones that you can trust will ensure you stick on your path to overcoming abusing drugs. They can help you whether you are struggling to overcome pain killer withdrawal or if you have a severe addiction that requires inpatient treatments, they will know how to help. The key is to talk openly about your feelings, speak clearly of your emotions and always express the difficulties you are facing with loved ones for additional moral support and advice.

Forgive Yourself

Forgiving yourself is a key component to addiction recovery. Learning to accept your past, the struggles you have faced and your future outlook will allow you to prepare for the steps required to achieve your new-found goals.

Accept That You Deserve Happiness

Accept that you deserve happiness, otherwise, it may be nearly impossible to ever truly achieve it. Knowing you are valuable and worthy as an individual and that you deserve to feel happy and free even without abusing substances is a way to stick to your goals and stay strong. Accepting that you deserve happiness can also open plenty of doors to new opportunities you never knew previously existed.

Understanding a few steps of addiction recovery can greatly change and dramatically affect your life in a positive manner. The more time you spend on self-reflection and acceptance of yourself as a person without drugs or other substances, the easier it will become to pave a pathway to a lifestyle where you are happier, healthier and drug-free.

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