The health benefits of eating steak

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There will always be arguments for and against the health benefits of eating steak, or any red meat for that matter.  Health professionals, chefs, food retailers, consumers – they will all have an opinion one way or the other. A lot of studies point to the health benefits of eating poultry meat or fish purely from the point of view of eating less saturated fat.  However,eating red meat is actually good for you on so many levels.

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Half of the fat in beef is amono-unsaturated fat called oleic acid and studies prove that this is very good for your heart in a similar way that olive oil is.  Eating a good, healthy steak can actually lower your cholesterol levels and will also be an excellent source of high-quality protein.  Protein really is one thing we cannot do without and, additionally,we all need nutrients in our bodies such as iron, zinc and Vitamins A, B and D.  Take a guess what would be a great way of getting all of that into your system?  You guessed it right – eat some good quality beef steak!

Most people would agree that having a balanced, healthy body is a key element necessary to enjoy life and eating red meat can contribute hugely to that.  It is a good all-rounder in fact, helping the body to repair or build tissue, helping to produce the antibodies that stave off illness and infection and generally reinforcing the body’s immune system.  With enhanced teeth, bones and healthy skin it seems there is no end to the benefits to be gained from having red meat in your diet.  So, if you are a resident or visitor to Hong Kong it makes good sense to seek out the best steakhouse that you can find.

There are so many tasty cuts of meat to choose from as well.  Who can resist a juicy rib-eye, sirloin, tenderloin or Black Angus steak? Many people will have their favourite cuts of meat, but there is no doubt that the best quality cut usually gives you the tastiest and most satisfying meal. What type of steak Hong Kong should you try? Sirloin or tenderloin are generally thought to be amongst the best that you can buy and, of course, you should take into consideration the source of the meat on your plate.  Meat taken from a sympathetically farmed animal, one roaming free on grassy pastures, will be of a much higher standard than that coming from the factory produced variety.

This is why the Blue Butcher Steakhouse in Hong Kong scores so highly in any study of good eating places.  This award-winning New York Style restaurant and bar is a really popular venue and really deserves the title The Meat Specialist.  They have enjoyed such accolades as Chef of the Year and won Best Cocktails awards as well.  They specialise in top quality meat that is guaranteed to be sourced and hand-selected from top ranking farms that proudly boast that they never compromise on quality.  This quality is further enhanced when it reaches the restaurant’s walk-in pink salt dry-aging room – the only restaurant in Hong Kong to have one, by the way. Using modern techniques blended with age-old recipes they hang, age and bake everything in house, guaranteeing the very best quality dishes from kitchen to your plate. It is not hard to see why Blue Butcher is the best steakhouse Hong Kong.

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