The Hunt for a Room on Rent

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Congratulations for making it to one of the best educational institutions outside your city or for getting a new job in a new city of India. The new surroundings, people and routine are sure to awe-inspire you. Now before a busy schedule envelope you, it is indispensable for you to rent a room and label it as “Home Sweet Home.” But don’t make this vital decision in a rush, rather, it should be tread carefully.

Opened Curtains

Look Behind the Curtains Carefully

Whether you have finalised a house for rent in Bangalore or a flat in Pune, meticulously go through the entire property before signing on the dotted lines of the rent agreement. Also, you don’t want any legal personnel coming and knocking your door. Thus, make sure to ask the landlord or neighbours about the last tenants who were residing in the flat you wish to rent. 

Also, it is advised to do a thorough research on the rent in the locality where you are looking for a room. You surely don’t want to pay a higher rent for something that is not worth it.

Bargain for the Rent

Just because you are planning to rent a room in a posh area, that doesn’t mean you have to pay a rent that is way too high than your budget. You always an option of bargaining with the landlord over the rent. However, don’t expect a great fall in the rent price. But even a small dip in rent could help you a lot in saving.

Living room

With Rent Comes Responsibilities

While you are inspecting the property, keep a note of damages in it and places that need a fix. You don’t have to pay for them but remember to remind the landlord to get them fixed. In order to ensure that you get the security amount without any cut in it, make sure that you don’t harm the property in any way.

Have a Perfect Paper Work

The rooms in other cities already ask for your hard earned money and lack of perfect paperwork could invite unnecessary legal trouble which could further drill a big hole in your pocket.  Thus, it is suggested to keep all your documents prepared and keep them at one place so that you don’t have to bite your lips in vexation when the landlord ask for them. Also, request the landlord to prepare the rental agreement on time to keep any discomfort at bay. Go through it carefully and in the case of any unwanted or disturbing clause, ask for an amendment.

A Final Thought

Be it a PG accommodation in Noida or room for rent in Bangalore, finding a right place with proximity to your destination could be thorny. However, with little efforts and following the guideline above, you could surely get your hands on the best place at an affordable price which you could proudly brand as your abode.

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