The Thrill Of Being Thrilled

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Thrill seekers come in many different shapes and sizes. It is something that might appear as a personality trait early on in life or something you learn to enjoy following an exciting occurrence in your life. It can be as simple as a small child enjoying the sudden scare of someone jumping out in front of them or more extreme with someone craving constant excitement such as jumping from a plane. The bottom line is that as humans there is something in most of us that enjoys the temporary and fleeting feeling of being scared.

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Type T Personality

You have heard the term Type A personality, but you might not be familiar with the term Type T. The T stands for thrill and according to Frank Farley, PhD, psychologist at Temple University Type T personalities thrive on the sensation of the uncertain and unknown. This thrill can exist at any number of levels and can be the love of a visit to theme parks, watching horror movies or loving the sensation when enjoying extreme sports. It varies from Type T personality to type T personality on whether their thrill is physical or psychological. There is a certain anticipation associated with fear and this can be a rush for many thrill seekers whereas for others it is the physical feeling in the tummy when they plummet to the earth from a plane or journey at high speeds down a steep hill on a ride.

Scary Movies and Ghost Stories

Stories of ghosts and witches made as shriek with excitement and the possibility of seeing such a beast was enough to make us shake with anticipation as children at Halloween. But it was not an unpleasant feeling and for many we carried that thrill into our adult lives. This can account for many of us enjoying shows like “The Walking Dead” or “Being Human” or wanting to take a little thrill ride on a ghost bus tour. These events help to feed many Type T personalities who crave the thrill of the unknown. Part of the thrill might be doubt such things exist and wanting to be proven wrong.

Greatest Fears

All of us have our own fears and limits of what we can handle. For example someone with a deathly fear of heights will avoid roller coasters and sky diving and someone with a fear of blood might not be so keen on scary or slasher movies but be fine watching a movie with spiders. This is the line drawn between the thrills we enjoy and the thrills that cross over into out and out fear. Fear is the less appealing result from too thrilling an experience. In these cases it is more the known that causes the fear as opposed to the thrill of the unknown such as the possibility of encountering a ghost or the sensation of dropping several stories on a thrill seeking theme park ride. Either way there is a little bit of thrill seeker in all of us.


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