The Top 5 House Additions Needed For Senior Care

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There are numerous gadgets available to make life at home more pleasant and secure for seniors. Many of these additions to a senior’s home can also provide peace of mind for adult children who are concerned about their parent’s health and safety.

House Additions Needed For Senior Care

Emergency Pendants

One very simple addition to a senior’s wardrobe accessories should be an emergency pendant. An emergency pendant can be a form of assurance for seniors and their family members. Wearing one of these pendants from Vivint security assures that help can quickly be on the way whenever any emergency occurs.


Many seniors have discovered a fondness for tablets. They quickly catch on to how to use them. Children and grandchildren make good teachers. Tablets can be a source of entertainment for seniors and also a way to keep than informed and in touch with others.


The addition of alarms will help insure the safety of seniors living at home. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms can literally be life-saving additions to any home. It is also a good idea to include a severe weather alert system in your collection of warning systems inside of your home.

Home Security

The Vivint security offers a variety of security features that are especially helpful to seniors. You can select a package that best fits your situation. Video surveillance is one feature that can be especially helpful when adult children want to know for sure that their parents are doing okay while living alone. Remote thermostat control is also a very beneficial part of the security package. A camera placed at the door that allows you to see who is at the door before you open it is definitely a feature that can increase the safety level of your home.


Extra interior and exterior lighting is an addition that can help make a senior’s home safer. Adding an automatic system is a definite deterrent to break-ins. As a support aspect for a security system, exterior lighting should be added at various places around the house. Motion sensor lights will likely scare away potential intruders. It is also safer to have a well-lit pathway from the car to the entryway doors. The hallway, bathroom and kitchen are ideal places to add extra interior lighting for added safety.

House additions for seniors generally involve some type of safety feature. Alarms, monitors and extra lighting can all help increase the level of safety for seniors. Technological advancements can be incredibly beneficial to seniors.

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