Things That You Can Give Your Husband To Transform Him Into A Gentleman

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Your husband may put off doing for laundry for a month and harbor a secret fondness for Taylor Swift songs, but you know there’s a suave, cultured gentleman in there deep down. You can help bring him out with a few, thoughtful gifts, no top hat or monocle required.

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#5 Visit a Tailor
Nothing looks better than a man in a well-fitted suit. While your husband may have a few hanging in his closet, if he’s swimming in them, he may look more like he’s dressed to attend a middle school dance than hit the town. Stylish suits today are cut closer to the body than they have been in years past. A tailor can take in the sides of a suit jacket and taper them to your husband’s waist, an easy fix that makes a huge difference in how a suit fits. (Note that while a tailor can usually take in a garment, letting it out is much more difficult.)

#4 A New Sport
Give the gift of experience, and let your husband try a gentlemanly sport. Though not as abundant as local soccer leagues, lessons in fencing, horseback riding, and sailing can often be found nearby. What gentleman doesn’t have an inner child wanting to man a ship or spar with a sword? And for the less physically inclined, there’s always croquet!

#3 A Shaving Kit
Ah, The Art of Shaving. While an automatic or regular razor may get the job done, nothing turns the boring, everyday routine of shaving into a timeless ritual like a straight razor. Kits come with straight razors, shaving cream and/or soap, badger brushes, and other face-nourishing goodies. Not only will your husband get a precise shave, but you may also save money when he forgoes his morning caffeine fix. Nothing wakes up a man quite like holding a sharp piece of metal to sensitive skin.

#2 A Pipe
A gentleman knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. While many have savored good scotch, wine, and cigars before, few men have owned their own smoking pipe. There are many varieties of pipes and tobacco, so visit a tobacco shop if there’s one nearby. If there’s not, order from a specialty tobacco website. Invest in tools for packing tobacco and cleaning the pipe, too. (Warnings: Smoking tobacco carries health risks. Your husband may develop a sudden penchant for trench coats and calling you “doll.”)

#1 Volunteer Time

This gift requires no money, but rather a commitment to do something together. A gentleman looks dapper, of course, but he also behaves graciously towards his fellow man. Keeping his schedule and comfort level in mind, research some local organizations. Does your husband love to build things? Look up Habitat for Humanity. Does your husband have a hobby he can show others? Sign up to give a demonstration at a local nursing home. Being a man of the world means interacting with it, and volunteering is a great way to spend time together.

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