Things to Keep in Your Emergency Wedding Kit

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Have you organized everything for the biggest day of your life – wedding dress is chosen and reception venue is booked? You should scrutinize and take account on a list of items that you may need on wedding day. The list includes a few important items and it is wise to prepare them in advance so that your bridesmaids don’t scramble at the last minute. A wedding day kit is something you should prepare in advance, even if you don’t need to use it. Important items for the wedding day can be classified into the below categories;

Makeup kit

Personal kit

As it is called personal, it includes things that are especially relating to you, and does not include clothing items that can be pertained to custom-made wedding dresses. This important kit should include all the basics – makeup remover, deodorant, hairspray, mouthwash, cotton buds, plasters, nail polish, lotions, and more. The kit can be custom-made for the bride or the bridal party and so, things like lipsticks and other makeup accessories can be included.

Practical kit

This kit should be kept in hand to manage any kind of small issue on the wedding day. It includes items that are necessary in correcting a loose thread on dress prom gowns, or cleaning mole marks off wedding dress. You can also include simple items such as fashion tape, a bit of glue, earring backs, lint rollers, etc.

Extra kit

This kit covers items that a wedding ceremony often brings up issues to the bride. They include sandpaper, measuring tape, camera cards and replacement batteries, medicine, safety pins, extra paper clips and more. This kit includes the basics that you will need to set your mind at ease!

If you are planning for a romantic wedding ceremony, then candlelight theme can be chosen with a sit-down dinner and live music. Candlelight wedding ceremony is the ultimate choice in formal wedding functions. It is an event where everything must be perfect, from the wedding gown to the floral arrangement to the favors for your wedding guest dresses. You can go for some odd ceremony celebrations or themes for your wedding so that you and your wedding guests will cherish the memories for years to come.

Getting ideas for making your wedding ceremony a great and memorable one is not a difficult task, these days. You should also not forget about getting the best makeup artist for your wedding day. The task of picking makeup artist for your wedding day requires a great attention, as he will be the person with whom you will spend majority of your time on the wedding day and needs to be familiar and friendly to share all your needs or requirements.

There are many websites offering wedding themes and A-Z wedding accessories for a perfect wedding. You can get your perfect wedding gown, shoes, gloves and even find dress prom gowns. Find out the most reliable and affordable website and get everything under one roof at low-cost price cost! Ask your friends and relatives for references of such web sources so that you can easily find out the reputed one.

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