Things You Should Consider Before Finding the Right Cat Resort for Your Cat

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When you are heading for a vacation and plan on taking your cat along with you. Cat resorts have opened up in many places to provide you with a lucrative stay option. But finding the right cat resort is definitely not easy. There is an array of factors to consider and though it may seem a tedious task initially, with a little planning and sensible research, you could easily commence on the same.

Cat Resort

One of the most vital factors that you should consider here would be if there are enough facilities available to keep your pampered pet at the cat resort.

Here are some of the basic amenities that should be available:

1. Medical facility

Cat resorts should have a vet available 24×7. This is vital because emergencies could happen any time. Even if they don’t have a vet available, they should have an easily accessible veterinarian in the vicinity. This will ensure that in case any kind of need arise, be it fever or infection, your pet would get quick treatment.

2. Bedding and lodging

When it comes to bedding and lodging, there are some cat resorts that allow you to bring your own. But most of them have their own bedding and lodging facilities. Do go and check out what they have on offer. For instance, are cat housed separately or in groups. This is crucial because if your cat is not friendly with other members in the lodge, this could pose a problem.

3. Hygiene

There is no denying that cat resorts should give optimum importance to pet hygiene. Even those working there should ensure proper care and sanitation. This means the litter boxes should be cleaned and washed or replaced as per the norms. The same applies for food, lodging and any other facility available. Find out if benefits like dry shampooing and cleaning are available. If you are leaving your pet in the cat resort for more than a week, then bathing and other factors should be taken into consideration too.

4. Food

Again, you are leaving your pet for a while at the resort, you should make sure that their favorite foods are available here. If the brand of food or the kind of food that you provide your cat is not available, then you can always provide the same or ask the resort to arrange for the same.

5. Boarding for pet owners

For those going on holidays with their pets, there are plenty of cat resorts that also provide for boarding for the pet owners. Basically this means that you can stay at a decent resort and ensure accommodation with your pet or the cat can be allowed in the room. However, different resorts have different policies so do check out the same. Some may allow you to get a room while the pet stays in a separate enclosure or boarding area.

Checking these factors can help you plan out your trip and how you want to leave your pet behind. And do make sure that you check the rates too! If you want to know more then visit us and get more information.

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