Tips for Advertising your Hospitality Jobs

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If you work in the hospitality industry, you will already understand the importance of hiring the right people. Without a doubt, having people who are able to stay calm and polite whilst working under pressure and dealing with members of the public can make the difference between success and failure. Here we will have a quick look at how best to advertise for, and find the right people for the job.

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Advertise where modern jobseekers go to find work
If you want to find people who have experience of working within the catering or hospitality sectors it is important to advertise in the right place. By far the best approach is using a specialist online job board that advertises only hospitality jobs. Visit the website to see an example.

Most modern jobseekers use the internet to find their next job. Increasingly, they are turning away from using general job boards. They find these job boards too clunky and difficult to navigate. Instead, people from a specific profession look for specialist job boards that focus on providing vacancies for the industry they work in. If you advertise using specialist job boards, you significantly increase the chances of the right kind of people seeing your adverts. This considerably speeds up the recruiting process and stops you from getting too many unsuitable applications.

Making your advert standout
However, simply posting a few lines of text on a targeted job site is not going to guarantee you finding people you want. There are literally thousands of jobs advertised on these job boards and new ones are added every single day. Your job advert will be competing for attention alongside several others. Therefore, it is important to take the time to construct your job advert and make it stand out from the crowd.

Try to provide as much detail as possible, but do so in a concise way. List the duties and include details such as which locations you need people to work from and how flexible you need them to be.

If you need people to work in the evenings and weekends it is important to state this. It can be tempting to leave this out of your job listing because you feel that including this detail will put off candidates. Whilst, in reality, this is true it is still better to include the fact you need them to work unsociable hours. The reason for this is that if you leave it out the vast majority of the applications you get will not be from people who are actually willing to work these unsociable hours. This will mean that you end up wasting precious time speaking to, and possibly even interviewing, people who are ultimately not suitable for the position. The more honest you are about what the job entails the better your chances are of finding a candidate who is truly suitable for the role you are trying to fill.

Using a catering and hospitality job board will significantly speed up the recruitment process. It will help you to find people with prior experience, which has the additional benefit of reducing the amount of time you have to spend training them.

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