Tips for Motorcycle Emergency Preparedness

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Prevention is always better than cure. Motorcycle motorist have less protection as they are largely exposed to the road and its elements hence have high risks of accidents which when they occur are very fatal. Motorist you ought to be equipped with emergency tips thus being in a position to help yourself or another motorist in case of an accident. Having some little knowledge on emergencies will help save a life as you will not remain helpless when an accident happen but engaged in life saving activity as you await an ambulance or help from a specialist. Here are some motorcycle emergency tips that will help equip you with some knowledge of motorcycle emergencies.

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· Wear protective clothes
One of the safety devices all motor cycle motorists are required to have are the protective a motorist you are exposed to so many things such as rocks flying in your face, wind, rain etc. make sure you put on your helmet or shatter proof sunglasses to shield your face from external objects. Also put on a heavy jacket to protect you from cold and a vest reflector to protect you from other motorist by making you more visible.

· Carry along with you a tool box and a mobile handset
When going for a road trip make sure you carry along with you a toolbox and a cellphone. A tool box will help you fix some minor repairs in case of a breakdown. Repairs such as tire punch can occur anywhere along the trip thus these tools will be of great significance as will help you repair with ease. A cellphone will be of great importance when it comes to major repairs. In case of a major breakdown use our phone to call for help from a mechanic or a friend.

· First aid tool kit
Another important item you should never miss as a motorcycle motorist is the first aid kit. You never know when you will get an emergency whether it’s an exhaust burn, bleeding etc. You have to be prepared as these minor injuries may be fatal if such a case of an injury emergency the first aid kit contains some bandages and medicines which will help relieve the pain as you seek for further treatment.

· Camping materials
You should consider taking along with you some camping materials in case you are having are road trip to far distance places in remote areas. Things like breakdown, bad weather, flooding etc. might force you to camp. You might be required to spend the night there thus you need to adequately prepare for such happenings. Carry with you camping equipment such as a penknife, a fire flint for making fire to cook or keep you warm, some food stuffs, water etc. These items will ensure your comfort and safety in cases of an emergency.

· Ensure your bike is in good condition
Make sure you leave before for any trip that your motorcycle is in good condition. Check whether the breaks are working properly, whether the tire pressures are good the dvla number tightly fixed in its place, is the reflector also in place. Check also if you have enough fuel to last you through your journey. All these will help ensure that you have a safe trip to your destination.

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