Tips For Your Home Maintenance Checklist

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Maintaining a home you have invested in can ultimately mean the difference between losing value over time or dramatically increasing the worth of your house or the property you own altogether. When you want to maintain your home as best as possible, incorporating building maintenance is a must.

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Spring cleaning is not limited to cleaning the interior of your home. It is important to clean out gutters when spring rolls around in addition to inspecting the entire exterior of your house for potential cracks and leaks. Cleaning excess dirt, puddles and leaves surrounding your property will keep additional damage at a minimum. Be sure to check air conditioners and units for proper use, especially if summertime is quickly approaching. Clear dead plants, trees and fill holes in your yard for a lush summer garden. Inspecting the roof of your home is highly recommended to check for missing shingles, leaks or even entire holes in the roof itself.


Repair any grout and buildup in your home within the kitchen and bathroom areas, especially if you currently have tile installed. Fixing plumbing and updating any leaks is also recommended in warmer months to avoid additional problems during the winter. Prepare your home for insects and pests, as they often frequent homes during the warmer months of the year. Use bug spray and other poisons for bugs on hand to keep from experiencing an infestation of any kind.


Be sure to flush your hot water heater entirely while also removing any excess sediment while you prepare for the winter months ahead. When you maintain your water heater over time, it no only prolongs its life, but ensures you are using it as efficiently as possible. When you fall comes, it is a good time to begin winterizing any swimming pools and air conditioning units you have in your home. Be sure to remove window units from the home to ensure you are maximizing energy usage and not losing heat when it begins getting colder. Check for leaks and air drafts to find solutions before winter arrives as part of necessary building maintenance.


It is also advisable to check any basement you have in your home for excess moisture buildup or even signs of mold. Even if you do not frequent your basement often, cleaning and checking it at least once a year is necessary to keep your house in tip top shape. Check any caulking you have used in windows or bathtubs in your home to reinforce if necessary. It is also essential to begin de-icing cables over your roof as well as any other outdoor fixtures you have surrounding your home. Tighten handles, knobs and any other fixtures you have installed inside and outside of your home to help you better prepare for the springtime.

Taking proper care of your house is not only a way for you to enjoy your living space more, but it also gives you the ability to sell your property at a much higher price than you originally paid.

Aew is a freelance writer for Asset Maintenance, a building maintenance expert.

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