Tips on How to Make Your Family Holiday as Stress Free as Possible

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Going on a family holiday can be stressful, especially for busy families with children. Travelling with children or even other adults over long distances can start to feel claustrophobic, and little ones frequently become bored, hungry, or just irritable. Whether you’ve booked an all inclusive holiday via Directline, or your simply  looking for some great de-stressing techniques, these tips can help you to relax on your trip abroad.


Travel Smart

Many people grow to dread travelling because of the numerous hoops there are to jump through Packing and lugging around items can become very tiring. By travelling and packing smart, you can help to reduce the anxiety associated with the process. Don’t pack at the last minute; start packing at least a week or two in advance. This will give you time to remember all of those precious items that you might have otherwise forgotten.  Pack for the amount of time you will be away, and limit the amount of unnecessary items you bring. Also, verify travel requirements for carry-on, as well as rules and luggage weights before you show up at the airport. You can help to prevent extra costs and fees by ensuring you fall within the guidelines in advance.

Keep Children Busy

Take any group of three to ten year olds on a long trip, and you’ll inevitably start to hear choruses of “I’m bored!” after a while. Ward off boredom by keeping children busy. If travelling on an airplane, bring a small carry-on bag with crayons, colouring books, and activities that your child can engage in right from their seat. If your child enjoys video games, a Nintendo DS or PS Vita can be an excellent way to keep them busy over long trips. A simple, cheap tablet PC can also be a great way to entertain children.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Bring plenty of easy-to-eat snacks. If the rules of the aircraft permit drinks, bring juice boxes for children to sip on. Children who become restless and hungry may act out in response to their hunger. Particularly picky children may refuse airplane food, and it’s not always possible to stop while on long automobile trips. By having your own snacks at your disposal, you can prevent the need to make multiple stops as well as the potential temper tantrums that occur because of their hungry stomachs.

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Book a Child-Friendly Hotel

Not every hotel is suitable for children, and that’s just fine. Hotels often cater to a specific audience, be that families, adults, singles, or business people. By verifying that a hotel is family-friendly in advance, you can prevent complaints from other guests about typical behaviour like playing and laughing. You can also determine whether the hotel caters to children in specific ways. Many family-friendly hotels have children’s play areas available and shallow pool sections for wading. Call in advance to ask how your potential hotel caters to young guests, or use Directline to find a family-friendly hotel.

Ensure Restaurants are Child-Friendly

While ensuring that your chosen hotel is child-friendly is important, you should also ensure that you make sure that the restaurants you visit are suitable for families. High-end restaurants may be fun for mom and dad, but the strictness of their dress code and the many rules that need to be observed can be difficult for young children to understand. Make reservations to ensure that restaurants are fine with your family having both a great meal and plenty of fun.

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