Top Five Places to Visit as a Family

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Going on holiday as a family is a great way to spend quality time together and with the whole world at your fingertips; there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Knowing where to go when you have children can be tricky and you will need to think about how old your children are as well as what activities they enjoy doing before you book your holiday.

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If you have children of varying ages, this can make your travel plans even harder and you will need to think carefully about how far your children will be happy to travel as well as what type of things they will want to do while they are away. Spending the school holidays with all of the family is a wonderful way to ensure that your children get to enjoy their time off from school while also getting to enjoy some quality time bonding with the family.

Check out these top five hot holiday destinations for families:

1.            Florida

Florida is home to some of the world’s best children’s entertainment venues with water parks and theme parks galore in Orlando. The Florida Keys are perfect for families looking to get back to nature and the beaches in Daytona are clean and great for kids who love to spend time swimming, playing sports or building sandcastles.

2.            Spain

One the most alluring attributes to taking a holiday in Spain is that it is located close to the UK, so this flight with small children will be far easier than travelling farther afield. If ‘I find summer holidays to the beach so much more exciting than a winter city break’ sounds like a familiar plea from your children, then you should look into taking a summer trip to Menorca, Majorca or the Costa Blanca. For those with older children looking for some fun in a city location, Barcelona or Madrid both offer a great selection of art galleries and museums.

3.            Greece

Greece requires a slightly longer flight to reach at around three-four hours but is well worth the extra sky time if your children enjoy spending time on the beach. Kos, Rhodes and Corfu are all family friendly with a range of family attractions to enjoy.

4.            Mexico

This is a long haul trip that is a good idea if your children are seasoned travellers or if they are reaching their teen years. Cancun has many child-friendly entertainment options from kid’s clubs and water parks through to safe beaches and for those searching for a little culture, the Chichen Itza historical Aztec site is ideal.

5.            Sri Lanka

For families looking for something exotic and far flung, it doesn’t get much better than Sri Lanka. The island is famed for its postcard-perfect beaches and there are endless temples and plantations to explore for those who want to educate their children while on holiday.

Wherever you choose to go for your summer holidays, spending time together as a family is a great way to bond but it is vital that you think about everything from travelling times to available activities to narrow down your destination choices.

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