Top Places To Explore In Istanbul

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In order to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, Istanbul is a must on one’s destination list. It has a mix of everything one could desire. This ranges from museums to entertainment spots. Istanbul is one destination that guarantees to surpass any tourist’s expectations. The information below will show one why.

Istanbul Archaeology Museums

· World class Museums

Istanbul has a taste of the country’s rich history. While there, tourists must consider visiting the city’s museums some of which have existed for centuries. These museums include:

· Turkish and Islamic Art Museum

This was formerly a palace owned by a man named Suleyman. It is claimed that Suleyman was immensely powerful. It is for this reason that the sultan demanded he be executed. This place has Selcuk carpets that are up to 800 years old. It is known to have the finest carpet collections in the world. Tourists may consider visiting this museum to get a taste of intricate ceramics and metal works, well-lit scripts and a glimpse of Ottoman context. The Turkish and Islamic Art Museum is closed on Mondays.

· Archeological Museum Complex

This is the first museum to be established in Turkey. It was founded in the year 1891. It hosts artefacts from Egypt, Greece, Rome, Assyria and Babylon. Hittite, Urartian and Hellenistic artefacts can also be found at the museum. The museum has a rich taste of turkey’s history. It is a great place to gain knowledge of the country’s old regime. The Persian-style kiosk is a favourite among many tourists. It is the oldest Ottoman building known in Istanbul. The Archeological Museum Complex is closed on Mondays.

· Bazaars

The mix of energy displayed at the market places is what will marvel tourists. There are a variety of things that one can purchase at the city bazaars.

· Spice Bazaar

This spot was initially built in 1663 to act as a stopover for camel caravans. Anything from valuable saffron to henna and caviar can be found at the Spice Bazaar. Most people visit the market to purchase traditional remedies. It remains closed on Sundays.

· Grand Bazaar

This market houses over 3,000 shops. It was put up in 1461. It has over 50 streets of jewelry shops, pottery carpets, textiles, leather and tiles. It was once known as an area that had the most expensive goods. It is closed on Sundays.

· Religious centres

Istanbul has a wide variety of beautiful religious centres that tourists may consider visiting. These centres have a taste of culture and history.

· Rustem Pasa Mosque

This is an exquisitely designed mosque. It is covered in iznik tiles. It hosts a sense of Ottoman history and is a must visit for tourists.

· Hagia Sophia

It is one of the largest cathedrals in a thousand years. It is an extremely influential architectural piece founded in the sixth century. It has gold mosaics of the angel Gabriel, the Virgin Mary and Byzantine emperors together with empresses. It was transformed into a mosque and is a museum as well. It remains closed on Mondays.

· Suleymaniye Mosque

It was established in 1550. It is the largest mosque in the city. The mosque has a soup kitchen, a hospital and a seminary.

Tourists are advised to respect hours of worship by waiting for worshippers to end their prayers. This is in order not to disturb the peace within the religious centres. Istanbul has many more experiences that can be enjoyed by tourists. These include boat rides, elegant parks and many more. A Turkey visa can be easily obtained online and is required before entering the country. One should consider getting one in advance so as to ensure a smooth trip.

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