Top Tips to Qualify Cisco Certifications

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Be it Cisco, Oracle, Java or Citrix Certifications, cracking such exams require more than just mugging up concepts and terminologies. Detailed planning, dedicated approach and a rock solid determination is the pre-requisite to sail you through, successfully. If you’re planning to take up any of the professional certifications, here are a few ground rules/ tips to help you break the ice.

Cisco certifications

Lay out your Goals: There are a variety of Cisco certifications available and it is highly likely that individuals fail to understand how to go about them. Hence the importance of mapping out a plan with set goals that needs to be achieved on a year specific basis. For instance for a beginner interested in network routing can begin with the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) as this would provide the required insight at the beginner level on routing and switching Cisco products. While the plan structure should include the short term goals and tasks, the long term goals should not be ignored. In fact long term plans will keep you motivated and focused.

Study through varied channels: Studying for examinations, especially competitive examinations such as these are no longer limited to the pages of the book. While the books and handouts may cover all topics, they are never enough to crack such exams. Therefore a combination of books, websites and internet should be used to study. Another beneficial medium is by enrolling into forums and groups of qualified people who will be able to give you insight and tips on how to qualify the exam. Moreover its not just limited to the examinations, studying in such a way helps grow your knowledge manifold.

The ‘training’ advantage: With most of the aspirants being working professionals, it often becomes difficult to spare time from busy schedules for studying. Besides, books are never enough to prepare because there are more than just concepts to know. Training is essential and beneficial for a wholesome learning because it backs concepts with real experiences from the in-line professionals. One could avail training from an authorized training centre, boot-camp setups or online tutorials conducted through the Cisco Learning Network.

Practice pays: A ratio of 40:60 should be undertaken in terms of reading and practicing (respectively). This is essential because familiarizing oneself with the commands is very important. For instance a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or a Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) can use GNS3, a tool that is very similar to the Cisco device and can be used as a simulator for training purposes. Besides one can also buy online rack time which will help access real time Cisco devices virtually. For an even better practice one can setup a lab, which may be expensive but there’s nothing like it (you can buy used lab items, which will be available at cheaper rates).


Significance of the basics: All theoretical and practical knowledge gained is futile if you don’t have a stronghold over the basics. For instance, subnetting is very important for CCNA engineers, which they will have to deal with everyday. If the CCNA aspirants do not have clear concepts and know-how of subnetting, they will end up having to redo their studies and exams again.

These certifications are a value add to your resume and will benefit you throughout your career. If you are planning to take the plunge, prepare yourself mentally for all the investments that will be required therein, be it in, financial, mental or monetary terms.

How did you/are you preparing for the certification exams? Do you have any tips that can benefit the aspirants in their preparations? Share them with us.

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