Top Trends To Dominate Home Remodeling And Home Construction In 2014

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Gone are the days when everyone was complaining about recession that have affected the home remodeling plans negatively. There are surveys about expected rise in home remodeling in 2014. With the aim to redo a home, there comes an urge to know what the latest trends are and what’s going to rule in near future. Here comes a glimpse of the home remodeling trends of 2014 which were introduced by image printers. Read and start thinking to follow for your perfect home.

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1-      Kitchens Are Going To Be Modern

A survey conducted by Remodeling Magazine revealed that 61% of the respondents were of the view that kitchen remodeling would be at top of the list in 2014. The cabinets would be grey or white, tops with glossy finishes, and less designing. The best place for the appliances would be inside the design, not outside for a sleeker appearance.

2-      Brass Is Back

Although brass was back in 2013, and the same is expected to continue in 2014. However, the brass with dull and hammered looks will be preferred over the bright brass. The best places for brass are kitchen and washrooms.

Bathroom Remodeling: Comes After Kitchen

58% of the survey respondents said that bathrooms would be their top priority after kitchen when it comes to home remodeling. Vintage baths are out and amenities like jetted tubs, heated floors, and more than one shower heads would be IN. Glass, off-white, and ash grey tiles will add beauty to the baths.

3-      Color Scheme: Go Vibrant!

Pantone, a reputed authority on colors say that Orchid, red, flash green colors will be in the like-list of those interested in home remodeling. Vibrant colors on walls and flooring not just in living rooms, but also in bedrooms will be the focus of designers. And if the walls are perfectly decorated with your photos then I think it would be more adorable and spectacular. But make sure you have to avail best services. So I thought to use the great services of image printers for perfect photo conversion so Click Here. Their art piece was spectacular and wrapped in a solid color wrapping. It was glossier and perfectly weather laminated. Moreover, I got that one in 70% discount which is definitely quite attractable for everyone.

4-      Home Building Materials: Sustainability Is Priority!

Sustainability of the materials would be in high demands by the homeowners as well as designers and builders. Bamboo wood and appliances that utilize less energy will be on high-sale. ‘Going green’ will be the dominating rule while building new homes or home remodeling.

          The Construction Trends

After looking at the general home-remodeling trends, here comes a list of the trends that will dominate the overall home-construction or redoing.

1-      U-Socket: Go Technological!

Apple is not just dominating the technological world, but is also ready to influence the home-construction. How could it be possible? U-Socket wall plugs, a great support for Apple devices, carrying two USB ports. The great feature of such socket is its smart sensor, which hinders power going into the device, once it’s fully charged. It will help the users of Apple devices to stay safe from vampire drain.

2-      Showers IN, Tubs OUT

The shower-experience is coming back and is being demanded by the homeowners whereas the bathtubs are in the ignore-list. When it comes to shower, the curb-fewer showers seems to get popular in 2014. However, if tubs will remain a necessity for the homeowners, these will be like occupying less space of the bath, the stand-alone tubs.

3-      Kitchen Shelves: Expect The Floating Ones!

Instead of occupying the whole space with cabinets, spare the space for wall art or just for the sake of keeping it open. Floating shelves are going to help that purpose.

4-      Express Your Personality Through Home!

Self-expression through home construction will be a dream-come-true for the homeowners. Colors to be jeweled, frames to be glided, and textiles to be layered can be some of the methods for self-expression.

5-      Urban Downtowns: Preferable Places To Live

Smaller houses will be IN instead of larger houses. Urban downtowns will be the preferable places of the dwellers. Suburbs won’t be in high priority list in 2014.

Housing trends are affected by many things, the acceptable standards, the cost, the priorities, the experiences, the family size, and the list goes on. The above-mentioned trends of home remodeling are expected to dominate the housing industry in 2014. Homeowners, designers, and builders will have to think about them while starting any new venture.

What’s your opinion about these trends? Share your words in the comments below!

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