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There is no room for complacency in the working environment. There is a raft of legislation identifying the responsibility of a business to its staff. The working environment must be as safe as possible and that includes protection for every part of the body while the workforce goes about its regular activities. That can be footwear that provides protection from damp floors and things that might drop on the feet to hardy yet comfortable clothing, gloves and head protection.

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You should have a defined health and safety policy and that should really include the aspect of clothing where there is any possibility of something potentially dangerous occurring in the working environment.  If it could have been prevented by the provision of special clothing and footwear, questions will be asked. The work environment is the company’s responsibility and the workforce should be instructed to comply with the policy at all times.


Footwear must be worn to suit the job. Boots may need reinforced toecaps, ankle support and even metal soles with a tread to help avoid slipping. Anyone working outdoors throughout the year will want something that is waterproof and that generally means rubber, and thick woolly socks help as well.

Even if you do not need to wear boots, you may still want some extra protection than standard footwear offers, and trainers have been adapted specially to do that in the working environment. Comfort is not compromised in footwear for work incidentally.


Depending on the environment you may need something that is waterproof or perhaps highly visible. Once again, warm clothing for the outdoors is the priority over fashion but that does not mean you do not want attractive and well fitting shirts and trousers.  There should be plenty of choice in colour, material and design. If you are running a business, you may want to establish a company identity; you can probably get clothing personalised to do just that. Jackets and jumpers can similarly be provided in various personalised styles. Hi viz jackets can fit over clothing where visibility may be an issue.

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Protective gloves and headgear are also important and the same supplier that offers footwear and clothing will provide these also. Gloves may simply need to keep the hands dry but in many industrial scenarios they need to protect the hands from things that may cut the hand as they are picked up.  If you need staff to pick up anything that may be hot for a short time then gloves are an absolute necessity. In terms of headgear you may just need something that is warm, but in many industrial settings a hard hat is needed to protect workers from things that can fall from above.

From head to toe it is in everyone’s interest that workers are protected, the workers themselves and the companies that employ them.

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